Introducing my family~

Finally, it is time to introduce you to my family. 
I will tell you about those who are living at home first. I have 8 brothers and sisters, so that might take a while. :)

First of all, there is my father. He works at Tucson Electric Power (TEP) as a trainer. He trains everybody new that comes in, and teaches them how to run all the equipment, etc.  He is the best Father anyone could have.

My mother is next. She stays at home with us, and teaches school. (We home school.) She cooks delicious meals, and always takes such good care of us. She is wonderful.

Next is my sister Grace. She is 18, and a great young lady. I have a lot of fun with her, because she is so easy going.(And she is 5'3"... and since I am 6-7 inches taller than her, I can pick on her!) ;) She is actually graduating next weekend in Phoenix Arizona. She is very excited, and we are all so proud!

My sister Charlotte (16) is the last one at home (besides me of course!) We have a lot of fun together. She is just continuing with schooling, and having a good time with family and friends. She is a wonderful sister. 

That is the part of my family that lives at home... Now for the other part...

My oldest brother Dylan is married. He lives with his wife Sarah in Oklahoma.

My oldest sister Angie lives with her husband Michael and 4 kids, Mireya, Silas, Jude, and Cade, about 4 hours away from us. 

Then comes Hannah. She lives near Angie (above) with her husband, David, and their adorable baby, Anayah.

Then Bryan, who is 21. He lives in Ohio.

Paul...19, lives a few hours away from us.

My last brother, Kenneth lives in Oklahoma with Dylan. Kenneth helps him with his business. (He moved after the picture below was taken.)

So, in order of age there is;
Mikailah (me)

Thank you Lord for my wonderful family.


  Last Thanksgiving
                                         From front to back
Left: Dad, Grace
Right: Mom, Charlotte, Kenneth
I'm taking the picture!


  1. Great post but only the thanksgiving picture showed up. I have a sister who is 15 and another who is graduating this weekend.

  2. The post didn't show up? It showed up on my computer.:) I'll see if anything is wrong on my side! Thanks! Oh.. where do you live?

  3. I live in Mo. And you. Still can not see pictures. Oh well your blog is still good.

  4. I live in Az. Is is green there? :) I don't know why you can't see the pics. They show up on my comp. Thanks, so is yours! Have a good day!


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