Rain. . . .

                   Life Giving....

I love rain! It is such a wonderful invention of God's! What would we do without rain in the Summer? Everything would dry up; the grass, the trees, the bushes, and shrubs. The sun would parch the earth, for there would be no clouds to block it and bring us the delicious, cooling shade. The lakes and ponds; streams and rivers would all shrink, and eventually run dry. The fish would die... The elk and deer and all manner of small animals would soon perish for lack of water. We would die! 

For us, as humans, water is a need. Just like God is a need! Before you become a Christian, you are dead... yes, dead. Spiritually dead. We live for ourselves. We do only to please ourselves. Life has nothing of real importance. Until we meet God. Once we get a taste of Him, we can never get enough... just as the ground soaks up all the rain it can get.  We long for Him, and indeed, never cease longing for Him as long as we live... we can never get enough of HIM!

 As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.
Psalm 42:1

Be blessed~


  1. Amen and Amen! Mikailah. :) We can never get enough of Jesus.
    The more we see of Him, the deeper our thirst for Him becomes. I want to drink and drink and drink, of that Fountain of Living Water.
    He has been so Good to me.
    Thank you so much sister, for sharing.
    Be blessed!
    Love Carra

  2. Although I am not a particular fan of rain, you've helped me to view it in a different light. Also, you are right, as we and the things on this planet need water to survive, we as humans need God in our lives to survive spiritually.

  3. That's really true, Mikailah. Thanks for posting! :)

  4. Last Sunday Pastor Rice, from Fritch TX was at our church, and he preached on this same passage.

    He said, for the deer water is life, it is his all consuming passion to get the water at all cost. Because if he does not drink he will not live.

    We as Christians need to have that all consuming passion to follow Christ. To have that close fellowship. To seek after Him at all cost!

    Thank you for this post!

    God Bless
    Adam and Samantha

  5. Thank you all for your commments..
    God Bless!

  6. Netherlands is a country where it rains frequently. But now, the last ten years, the summers are hotter and drier, we long for rain. This is new for Dutch.

    I like your spiritual meaning.
    I was reminded of what Jesus said: Whoever is thirsty come to Me.

    Lieve groetjes.

  7. What a great encouraging post!

  8. Beautiful photos and reflections!

  9. Ah you wrote a good post. Thanks for being a good blog friend.


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