Nature Walks~

While in Ohio, we had the opportunity to take A LOT of nature walks. We arrived in Ohio at the climax of the leaf changing! :) It was so beautiful... here are some pictures of God's beautiful creations.

 My beautiful Mama in beautiful nature! :)

This log had some interesting growth... I wanted to inspect it closer, but sadly it was in the middle of a big patch of poison ivy... I didn't think it was worth it! :) Any of you have an idea what that might be? 

 I have a new favorite flower... Chicory! :)

Mom taking a identical picture of the one above. ;)

Beautiful colors.... :) 

Along the road where we walked a bit, there were a lot of curious cows.. Mom spotted that perfectly framed picture! :)

I really like that view! Isn't it amazing how the leaves change colors? And when all the other leaves are dead and brown, those oak trees are still beautiful... What an amazing world we live in! Our God is SO AWESOME. 

We will be heading back towards Arizona in a few days! :) My next post will be on AZ soil. Please keep our travels in your prayers! Thank y'all! <3


  1. beautiful overhere its also a beautiful view infront of our house..i love nature! what a peace i just love it..thanks for sharing friend..blessings and love from us

  2. You get really good pictures! Do you use just a point-and-shoot? If so, that's really good. If not, it's still good! ;)

  3. When we lived up north- when fall came around and all the colors of the leaves began to turn the result was truly breathtaking! God IS amazing :-) LOVE the reds and yellows....

  4. lovely pictures Mikailah! Our family loves nature walks too!

  5. Beautiful pictures as always! I love the one of the chicory flower... I've never seen anything like that before, so thanks for sharing! :-)

    Have a great trip home!

    xoxo Miss ALK <33

  6. That's very beautiful, Miakilah. I like the last picture the best of all. :)

    Much love;

  7. Great pictures! I love the flower ones!

  8. Beautiful pictures, Mikailah!
    The Lord's creation is truly amazing!

    God bless you and your family and grant you a safe journey back to Arizona.

    Love in Christ
    Jessica & Rachel


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