Some More Pictures! :)

Hello again...
Here are some more pictures of our (never ending!) trip. ;) No... it will be ending soon; in about a week! The Lord has really blessed this trip immensely. He is so good. Our dear Lord always works things out perfectly, doesn't He? Even if we don't see the whole plan...

One morning I looked out of the screen door and saw this beautiful sight... with the steam rising off the grass, it was a perfect setting for a few a lot of pictures! :)

We also had the opportunity to go to a football game with my Aunt Jenny and cousin Kaitlyn... Courtney (Kaitlyn's younger sister) is my age, and she was cheering, so we all went to watch the game, and her, of course. ;) Even though the team didn't get on the score-board, it was still fun, if very cold!

 My cousin is the farthest to the left, in the front.

Mom and Aunt Jenny sharing a sucker. ;) Sisters... 

 I really like this picture... :) I was fooling around with my camera settings, and managed to get the hang of it! (Before all the dew dried up.. ;))

An Amish Buggy...

I thought this was really cute!! :) It is a covered hay bale spray painted orange with a piece of green, spray painted wood on top! :) What a neat idea...

What have y'all been up to lately? I am really looking forward to catching up on y'all's neat posts... :)


  1. Amazing pictures!
    I can't wait till you are back!

  2. Hey Mikailah! :)

    Very nice photography with that dew there. :)

    Where was the picture of the buggy taken, if you don't mind me asking? We lived up in Tuscrarwas Co. Ohio which is next door to Holmes. Was the picture taken anywhere near there? (Canton/Wooster/New Phily region?)

    Much Love;


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