O Christmas Tree

This is the LAST Christmas post; I think... But since y'all joined the little adventure of our tree getting, I thought you might want to see how the decorating went! ;)

Every year when we decorate the tree, we make this special stew. :) It is delicious! 

My beautiful sisters... Grace (front) and Charlotte (back). 

I moved on that one, but I thought it was kinda neat.  

All you photographers out there; A QUESTION!
Is that ^ anything like bokeh? I only have a little camera and it 
doesn't have a lot of fancy settings... but I think I figured out how to do bokeh on it! (???)  

Rocky roads!! :) Another tradition... 

Brute loves all the paper that comes with unpacking ornaments!  

He also loves my toes....  


The tree.... :) 

Two of my favorite ornaments... 

I have enjoyed y'all's pictures of your Christmases. Christmas time is so enjoyable; a time of family, friends and celebrating our dear Savior; as every day should be! I hope you had a blessed Christmas, and I hope you have a happy New Year! :)

Have a blessed week!


  1. It looks like you had a great Christmas. :-) God bless you!

  2. How'd you do the bokeh?! AWESOME!
    Those are cute :)

  3. Wonderful photos! Your stew look delicious as does the rocky road--I might need to start that tradition for us. :)

    And your sisters are very beautiful. Seems like you have an amazing family. So glad your're enjoying this time of year.

  4. Mikailah, yes, that's bokeh... great job! =)

    Happy New Year!

  5. Just stumbled upon your lovely blog and I just wanted to say I love these photos! And yes!--awesome bokeh!!! That tree is delightful! And your food traditions look yum yum yum. Hope you and yours have a very Happy 2012 New Years! God Bless!

    Jeanine :))



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