Tree Hunting

On Friday, Daddy, my 2 sisters and myself went tree hunting! :) Mom stayed home to do some baking. We drove up to a large mountain where we usually get our Christmas tree. The road, however, was disastrous!

So, we headed to the local "sledding hill" only a short distance from there. 

Charlotte standing in the deep snow!  

trudging.... :)

A tall pine...

A possibility...

Snow angel!! :)

Snow laden trees are so beautiful!


Me in the deep snow

 The perfect tree! :)

Snow in my hair 

 Daddy cutting the tree down.

It was a little snowy. ;) 

Dragging it back! :)

Then we made a snowman. ;)  

She/he stole my glasses! ;) 

Charlotte (left), Grace (front), me (back). 

All done! 

We really wanted a picture of all of us, but there was no one around... so we made another snowball, and set the camera and tripod on it. :) Genius, eh?

Then Daddy took us to this little restaurant called The Rendezvous. ;)  

A 'bucket' of fries.  

 A cute man made out of tin cans! 

It was such a fun time with Daddy and my dear sisters. ;) 

Have y'all gotten your tree yet? Do you cut your own? 

Have a blessed day, my friends!


  1. hi there,
    looks like you have the perfect tree, Mikaila. I always love getting the Christmas tree.

  2. so fun! we have fake trees this year! I love real ones though! they smell sooo good!

  3. I LOVE that post! You did a great job!! Such a wonderful memory!!

  4. Oh, I almost fainted when I saw all that snow! What beautiful pictures!

    In Christ,

  5. How fun!
    I'm jealous. We are snow-less right now. I can't remember having a non-white Christmas before. :( Oh, well...

  6. that is alot of snow. share :P ;) :)) but seriously we need snow here in texas. i'm dying.
    -jocee <3


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