A Long Awaited Surprise.... :)

The other day when my sister went down to the chicken coop, she found a long awaited, lovely, soon-to-be-tasty, surprise! :)

I was a little upset... That she found it, I mean. I have been waiting for these chickens I have nurtured and fed for 6 months to lay eggs, and my sister finds the first one. :P Oh well. :) They are laying regularly now! Both of them. It took Houdini a little longer, because she is so small. But we are SO thankful for fresh eggs! It is so nice to know that the chickens these eggs come from are being well taken care of (At least we are trying! ;)), and  not under the less agreeable circumstances that the chickens who lay eggs for the stores go through. 

The  one on the right is our egg. ;) Compared to brown eggs they don't look very brown, but they are darkening. We ate them this morning for breakfast, and they were delicious!! :)

 The proud layer. :)

 While I was down there, I decided to snap a few extra pictures of the animals. They have such unique characteristics and thought processes. They are such a joy to watch and observe. ;)

The other day, I finished a bale of hay and accidentally took a piece
of twine along when I was giving the goats their food. So I hung it on the fence 
post for a minute.. Clyde was very interested in it! :) 

Doesn't Curtis look like a mountain goat up there? He is kind of a mountain goat. 
Aren't Angora goats a breed of mountain goat?

"Caaaaan I come up, please?" 

He got up... :) 

"Well! How DARE you? I was in the spotlight!" 

Just as I was leaving, the neighbors dog, Trixy decided to come visit. I snapped
this while she was trotting down. ;)  

Ah, brothers. :)

Animals are so fun to observe, and take pictures of. ;) 

Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.
1 Chronicles 16:9

I would say animals are indeed a wonderful asset to God's creativity. What a dull place this world would be without them. 

Do you have/see any animals you enjoy observing? (And photographing!)


  1. Were the eggs really yummy?

  2. Hi Kelli! :)

    Yes, the eggs were delicious. We ate them for breakfast this morning. ;)


  3. That egg looks delicious!! And your goats are soo neat looking!! They totally look like mountain goats! :D It must be so fun to have property and have lots of animals!! :D


  4. Ah, you have Australorps! They are beautiful birds, with that greenish tinge. We had(have?) some, along with buffs, americanas, etc.

    Your goats are so cute! It's so cute and funny with the goat on top of the roof. I don't know if they are part mountain goat, but he certainly looks like it. =)

    Your neighbor dog looks so poochy (that's what I call my basset hound, Homer - my pooch). =) I don't do much photography, but my sister has taken many photos of my basset hound running, and it's so funny, with his jowls and ears flapping all over!! =D

  5. While I think it is great that you raise chickens, I feel that your statement "not abused like the chickens that lay the eggs at the store." was very biased and quite possibly false.
    I decided to research this subject and found your statement to be misguided. One website I found that described the life, feeding, and housing of chickens in the egg industry is:
    Please check it out and let me know what you think. A few nice facts I noticed were vaccination, sanitation, controlled lighting, desirable temperatures (57-79 degrees F),scientifically balanced nutricious servings of food, and controlled humidity in all egg industries supported by the American Egg Board. Does that seem like abuse? In my opinion, no.
    If you are going to make such harsh and critical presumptions, please back them up with proof.
    Thank you!

  6. Dear Kristiana,

    The eggs were delicious! :) Yes, I have always thought that mountain goats are quite neat looking. ;)

    It is indeed a blessing to have property, and have the experience of having animals. ;)


  7. Mikailah,

    I am trying to start a blog on homemaking (doing things yourself, naturally, cheaply, etc.) and am wondering if you would like to write a few articles for it? Please check it out: http://diy-homemaker.blogspot.com/


  8. Dear Carrie,

    Yes, I agree. Australorps are quite beautiful, especially when you see them in the sun. ;)

    The first time we saw the goats jump on their house, we thought it was so funny! :) They have provided many hours of entertainment.

    Oh my goodness!! :) Your dog sounds so cute... I love the ears. ;)

    In Christ,

  9. Dear anonymous,

    I apologize if the way I worded that sentence offended you. I have changed the wording to what I think is more correct.

    But I do have proof for what I have said. My father has visited a chicken farm where they mass produce eggs, and the situation was horrific.

    What the owners/workers call "free run" is really thousands of chickens in a very small space, they are just not in a cage. Also (which I think everyone knows about) they change the lights 3-5 times a day, so it will seem like sunrise and sunset. Each chicken may lay 5 eggs in a single day! They also are known to cut the chickens beaks off, so they will not peck each other in those crowded spaces. If this is not abuse, even to a chicken! I would like to know what it is!

    Once again, I am sorry if what I said did not seem correct, or if it offended you. But I know that these situations are true; though I am sure you will not find it online. I am also aware that this is not the case in all situations, but in some cases it has come apparent.

    I hope this was useful to you...


  10. Your farm is beautiful!♥


  11. Like your egg!
    And what a beautiful pictures.

  12. lol! the goats on the roof totally cracked me up xD

  13. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you... :) We love our little farm!


  14. Dear Jedidja,

    Thank you! The eggs are delicious. They have such good flavor. ;)


  15. Dear Mikailah,

    What a lovely surprise it must have been to find that fresh egg!
    Your goats have amazing coats. Must be keeping them nice and warm in the winter months. In Australia, we're in the middle of summer right now :)... and I've never seen snow!

    I love to go out walking and to see the work of His hands. To marvel at the "wonderful acts" of the Lord. May His Name be praised. It was a blessing to read your blog this morning, Mikailah!

    In His love,

  16. Aww...the goats are cute! :)
    We used to have chickens too. We used an incubator and then kept two chicks until they were older. Then, we had to give them away to family friends because we didn't have enough room for them and a lot of cars come by our house. It was fun though!
    Just one question...is there a difference in the taste of organic eggs and store bought eggs?
    Hope you have a great week!

  17. Hi Monica,

    Yes, they are quite the characters. :) It always brightens my day to see them up there!


  18. Oh wow! Getting fresh eggs is so nice isn't it? We've been lucky enough to have 4 "batches" of chickens. And this year's baby chickens have just started laying... they are 4 months old and are Barred Rocks. That breed is *really* good for eggs and hard weather :-) What kind are yours?

    p.s. your blog's name is *so* clever!

  19. Dear Maddy,

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! It is such a joy to read those notes from friends.

    It was a lovely surprise to find that egg! :) Yes, the goats have thick coats! It does keep them very warm. They really like the cold weather better than the warmth. ;)

    Yes, indeed! Going outside and enjoying His wonderful creations is such a wonderful way to spend time. May He ever be glorified!


  20. Hello Gabrielle! :)

    Yes, they are cute... rather too cute sometimes. They are rather spoiled. ;)

    Oh, that is too bad that you had to give your chickens away! :( It is so much fun to observe their strange, different characteristics! :)

    Hmm... about your question. I don't know if there is a difference taste necessarily; it may all be in our heads. ;) But in my opinion, they taste better because we know where they come from. ;)

    Have a blessed day!

  21. Hi Mikailah! I put up another page on the DIY Homemaker about writing for it. Just thought I'd let you know. =) I have more info on there than before. http://diy-homemaker.blogspot.com/


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