A New Experience....

 Goat walking! :)

Clyde loved these stumps by the woodpile... :) 


Do you see Trixy in the field? :) 

The mountain right behind our house... 

Then Grace joined me with Curtis! :) 

His horns are getting so big! *ouch* 
My lovely sister... 
Those goats are strong, stubborn little things! 
Curtis... is it just me, or is he an exceptionally cute goat? :) 
The sun was getting ready to set... 
 My other lovely sister, Charlotte
Then Charlotte took over the job pleasant experience of walking Clyde. :)

Curt's curly mo-hair.... 
Both goats on the stumps!  
Then we decided to do a 'goat show' like they have at the fairs... it was quite cute! :) Clyde was actually behaving himself perfectly, while Curt... well, look for yourself!  

Goat crashing... 
 I guess I was the judge... :)
Then we went down below the house near the goat pen again. 
This ^ is all you get to see of me... ;) 
The chickens were following us; them on the inside of the fence, us on the outside! :) 
 Goat race!!! :) I really like this ^ one. 
and this one.... 
....and this one.... 
And that one. :) My lovely sisters (and the cute 'goat boys') are so photogenic.  
Then we did chores and the goats got to eat... what they do best. ;)
It was definitely a different and fun experience. :) 

Do you ever do silly things with your animals?

May Jesus bless your night, my friends!


  1. It's not just you...he IS an exceptionally cute goat. ;) Looks like fun! Goats can be stubborn but also adorable. =)

  2. How cute! Thank-you for sharing these adorable pictures. :-)

    I used to have a rabbit named Lily and we used to take her on walks in the backyard, it was so cute to watch her run around!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  3. Great pictures! I feel like I was there! (wish I had been!)

  4. Oh wow... the mountain is gorgeous! It must be wonderful to be so free on that much land.

    And yes, you can use newspaper for the hearts... That's what I used :-)


  5. Oh this is so cute, Mikailah!
    Thanks for sharing. The goats are so funny and beautiful, and so are you girls :).
    Many blessings in Jesus,
    ~Joy @ joy-live4jesus.blogspot.com
    (it would be lovely if you could come and visit my blog sometime)

  6. wow@ I never thought of this . I love goats!

  7. Those are such GREAT pictures, Mikailah..I can see that my girls had a wonderful time enjoying God's creation. I am so very proud of you.

    I love you.

  8. they are soooooo adorable. :) I have my goats partly collar-trained, but they do require some pushing and tugging.

    Anyway...you have adorable goats. :)


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