Hello Monday {1}

~::hello alarm at 7:00

{~::hello snooze button}

~::hello alarm at 7:09

~::hello feeding animals and gathering egg

~::hello hot mint tea and creamer

~::hello cold oats and dried fruit with milk for breakfast

~::hello playing with sweet niece<3

~::hello rearranging my room

~::hello unpacking from a short trip over the weekend:)

~::hello lovely walk with Mom, sisters and nieces<3

~::hello blogging and visiting with a sweet friend

~::hello watching "The Shunning" and popcorn {Movie review coming soon!}

~::hello quiet time and worship music

~::hello music practice

~::hello dinner {???}

~::hello family time/music practice

~::hello hot {?} tea again!

~::hello bedtime

This post was inspired by 2 fellow bloggers, Sarah-Anne and Lisa Leonard. If you want to participate in {Hello Monday} too, then please give credit to Lisa in your post. She is the first one to start this weekly blog series.

What does your usual Monday look like? :)


  1. So...what did you think of The Shunning?
    I bought it last year and absolutely loved it. :) Beverly Lewis is one of my favorite authors so it was fun to watch a movie that was inspired by her books.

  2. Fun day! Sounds sort of like mine. In the sense that it's extremely busy. ;)

  3. I feel like I was with you!! I love you MUCHISIMO!!!! Dad


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