Hello Monday {2}

~::hello alarm at 7:15

~::hello cold basement bedroom

~::hello feeding animals and filling water-ers :)

~::hello smoothies and homemade cranberry pecan bread for breakfast

~::hello music practice

~::hello Titanic research for short story

~::hello blogging:]

~::hello more music and school

~::hello lunch

~::hello nature walk w/ drawing pad

~::hello bible reading and worship music

~::hello burrito making

~::hello dinner

~::hello quiet evening with family

~::hello hot herbal tea

~::hello bedtime

This post was inspired by 2 fellow bloggers, Sarah-Anne and Lisa Leonard. If you want to participate in {Hello Monday} too, then please give credit to Lisa in your post. She is the first one to start this weekly blog series.

What does your normal Monday hold for you? :]


  1. These are so fun and random to read. ;) I'm thinking about doing something like this once in a while, when I get back into my bloggy routine!


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