a valentines adventure\\happy valentines day!

Last night was 'craft night', just for Valentines. We made valentines, of course. :) I love crafting...

Okay, I officially love Gelly Roll pens. :) We have  5 colors; pink, gold, bronze, silver, and clear. I was so happy to find these 5 colors in the crafts drawer. :)
My supplies

and one of my favorite accessories, buttons. :) 


I also made these cute little candy cane/chocolate hearts! :)

Aren't those simply adorablicious??? {new word...}

And all you need, is THIS^. :)


In the midst of our crafting, we had a slight problem. 

The lights decided to flicker on, and off.

Without any warning.

About 2 minutes apart. 

Looking out at the town, you couldn't see anything; it was all pitch black.

We decided to light all the kerosene lamps we had in the house, and turn all the lights out.

Thankfully we have a large stash of kerosene lamps as well as oil. And so, we finished the candies/cards by candle light, just like in the old days.
I apologize for the dusty condition of the lamps; they aren't recently aired, and are just used for decoration.
 The living room was most cozy in the kerosene light; although it did make rather hazardous walking when the cats decide to lay in the middle of the floor; especially when holding a lamp. :P
 The 'old' lighting was rather fascinating for examining objects; such as this ^ lovely card Grace made for me.
The designer herself. ;) 

Thankfully the power didn't stay off for long; only about a half an hour. But once it did come on, it sure made me much more appreciative of the every day convenience of electricity.

And now, a few Valentines day thoughts...

>>Have you ever fallen in love? (as it was Valentines day, I thought it was perfect timing.)

>>Have you ever lost your heart without the capability of drawing it back?

>>Have you ever thought about LOVE? (If you are anything like me, I know you have.)

I did. 

About 7 years ago.

To the Perfect Lover.

Who NEVER fails.

Yep. Jesus. He is my valentine this holiday. He is the One I lost my heart to. And I am so glad, that I did. For He never. lets. go. 

Happy Valentines day, my dear friends.

Who is your valentine?

1 Corinthians 13--


  1. Jesus is totally my lover. I can tell you like taking pictures, Mikailah. I'm having a photography contest at my blog if you want to enter. The deadline is the 15th.


  2. JESUS!! This is a beautiful post Mikailah!!!!! :) <3

  3. I love the kerosene lamps! Your Valentines are beautiful, I'm so un-creative. ;)
    Jesus is my Valentine! Love Him!

  4. What sweet valentines day cards and treats... {they look so delicious!}
    We too have kerosene laterns for those powerless momnets... and I agreee that they truly add such a homey effect to our house...

    Lovely thoughts!

    In Christ,

  5. Beautiful post Mikailah! And those candycane hearts are adorable! My kids would love making those with me. :)


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