Nashville Tn.\\ Gaylord Opryland

Last fall when my family and I went on vacation back East, we had the opportunity to visit (and stay at!) Gaylord Opryland. {Oh, and I have decided that this is the last post on vacation. ;) It is getting too late for any more posts to have much relevance.} Walking through this place... I can't even describe it. It is HUGE. I felt like such a hillbilly walking through that place with the waiters in Tuxedos and other guests in fancy dresses and suits. ;) Yeah.

I am telling you, this place was AMAZING. This Gaylord Opryland has 2,881 guest rooms, 9 acres of lush indoor gardens including a 44 foot waterfall; boat rides on the river that flows through the resort/convention center. It was absolutely stunning. 

 There were so many 'wings' in there; and in all the wings the carpet matched the color... because there was the red wing, the green wing, etc. Since Dad was staying there for a conference, he was able to get a room that looked out on the atrium. {above}

 Absolutely gorgeous waterfalls and tropical plants...

Structures/buildings are really neat to photograph! :) All those angles... 

 Look at the picture {above} on the right... doesn't that look like a person, sitting in a chair??? (sorry about the blurry picture; I was still getting use to my camera)

They also had what they called 'sky walks' where you could walk on bridges over all the plants, and trees. 

 (once again, sorry about the blurry picture! :P)

 There was also a really good ice cream shoppe called Haagen Dazs that we visited a couple times. ;) Dad's favorite (okay, mine too!) was a coffee ice cream with chocolate bits. ;)



 *funny story* Mom wanted a bite of my ice cream, so I gave her my cone... she took a bite, and then offered some to Charlotte, and then took another bite... and another... :D I told her she would have to buy me another cone. :)

Very cute 'horses' outside a shop.  

There were also amazing art rooms! On all the walls, there were paintings.  

And this mirror? Inside a really neat expensive shop... cost $7,000 dollars. I thought it was really pretty... but not that pretty. ;)

Outside, the whole place was decorated for Christmas. ;)  


The day before we Nashville, to head home, we walked around downtown. Look at the grates in the sidewalks! :)

And we visited the famous "Hard Rock Cafe'! 

Inside... It was really nice, but really noisy!! And our waiter... he looked like he was some type of motorcycle rider. Definitely just part of the culture. =)

Downtown Nashville... on a bridge. 

And there were bands playing in all kinds of restaurants. This particular band was very good; and the guitar was definitely well used. 

A sign in a window.

It was such an amazing experience... such a blessing to be able to visit the places I had dreamed about for so long. And all the music!! :) It was so neat. There was an elderly gentleman playing some kind of instrument I haven't ever seen before; and he was playing Amazing Grace. It reminded me off the scripture;

Praise the LORD, all you nations. Praise him, all you people of the earth.
--Psalm 117:1 NIV

It was truly a wonderful experience. One I wouldn't relinquish for anything. I am so blessed... what great and wonderful experiences the Lord has blessed me with. SO BLESSED. If we really look around... it is easy to see all that the Lord has given us. It is so incredible. How much He loves us... and blesses us, just because He can. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. :) 

Have a blessed Friday, y'all! :) 


  1. that looks like it would be so fun to go. I've decided that I'm going there ;)


  2. Amazing photos, it looks like you had an amazing time! And your blog is lovely in general too :)

  3. looks like a fun stay. We got to tour that place on our way out East because some friends were staying there and they wanted us to see what it looked like! quite amazing!

  4. Great photographs. I like this place ... Cherisch your family, its a blessing to have people around you.

  5. Great pictures! I almost feel like I was there!!.....Oh yeah, I WAS there!! Great Post!!

  6. lovely pictures! : )

    Love ~*Chantelle*~

  7. Love those pictures!!!!
    Great blog by the way :)
    Follow mine???
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    Check it out if you want.

  8. Wow! How cool! Looks like a really fun place to stay. :-) Loved seeing the pictures.

    xoxo Miss ALK


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