flying down the mountain...

Animals watch suspiciously from branches high in the trees, and birds flit overhead, looking for stray food. The sun shines brightly on the white snow; melting it swiftly and turning powder into slush. And we-- we fly by on pieces of wood strapped to our feet; flying down the mountain.


This year, we have been blessed to be able to go skiing 5 times. :] The weather in AZ is so beautiful for skiing; especially because you can ski in t-shirts a lot of the time, because the sun is so warm. We have special memories that have been made on the slopes; among which are going to the Midway ski 'lodge' and getting cocoa/coffee. We sit outside and watch the skiers fly down No-Name and Nastar. The snow laden pines are another gorgeous sight; it looks like you walk right into a Winter Wonderland. 

The last picture ^ above has a funny story to tell. I was holding this tea bag, on the way up to the ski resort, and someone accidentally opened the car window on my side, and the tea bag flew out. Well, after skiing all day, we come back to the car, and load up, and I see this tea bag on the cars antenna. ;) Why, hello there! 

Skiing is such a wonderful experience. I am so thankful to be able to go so much, having it so close to home, and getting the homeschool discount. (Tuesday is "our" ski day.)

Have any of you gone skiing lately? :) Any funny stories? :)



  1. Beautiful pictures!! I love the tea bag story! That is so funny! It was a great ski day! The powder was like sking on a cloud! the pictures are so nice,I feel like I was there. (wait a minute..... I WAS there!!)Love You!! Dad

  2. That looks so fun! I love skiiing, but usually I do cross-country.



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