Frisky Whiskers~

In loving memory of my hamster, Frisky Whiskers; 

 November 1st, 2010 (the time I bought him)- March 24th, 2012. 

I had another hamster before him; Nibbles. (below) 

She was a golden hamster, and SO sweet. I was afraid I wouldn't like my next hamster as much, after she died. But Frisky... well, he was amazing. Frisky was a teddy bear hamster. He was the best 'lil friend a person could have. He actually went on about 7 trips with me; to visit family about 5 hours away from here. He actually loved traveling! :) And he was so calm. Almost annoyingly so, at times. I would build mazes for him out of blocks, and he would just sit there. (Nibbles was CRAZY! She would run through those mazes like her life depended on it! And her in the hamster ball was almost alarming!) Frisky would just sit there. 
He loved sitting in my hand, watching movies. He was a wonderful little friend.

I will miss you, Frisky. I will miss your sweet, pink nose, your adorable hair (that shavings always got caught in), your tiny feet, your cheese-loving self, the way you would look up at me, your eyes blurry with sleep when I'd take off your "protective box" in the morning (so the cats wouldn't get him), your ridiculously long teeth that were always breaking, just YOU in general. Thanks for being my "little rat". 

Love you, Frisky! <3


  1. you should have named him mr. cutiekinz!!!!

  2. He was a special friend and we will all miss him. You took such good care of him and held and played with him him so much I know he felt very loved. If I was a hampster I would want to belong to you. May God comfort you in the loss of your little friend. Dad

  3. Tears....:'( I'm praying for you!


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