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i don't have time for an extremely long post... :( so i will just tell you what has been going on here. ;) And hopefully tomorrow i will be posting a longer, [pictured up] post. ;)


>>working on a skiing post! ;) we went skiing on Tuesday, and it was perfect.. so much powder, and just beautiful. but that is not for this post. :D

>>loving lowercase letters... i don't know why. ;) i am just weird like that sometimes.

>>spray painting outside... just some craft projects. i am rather frustrated. the paint won't go on smoothly. grrr. 

>>having a blast on pinterest. ;) i will have to share some of my favorite pins soon.

>>working on crocheting doilies. crocheting is my new obsession. the other night i was crocheting, and listening to music. and on a fast song, my crocheting was speeding up.. haha. :D

>>buds on the trees outside! *squeal* i would say it is spring, except for the 20 inches we got at the ski resort (20 minutes away) the other day. so, maybe not.

>>trying to teach Clyde some manners. he is getting just plain mean. :( we are thinking about getting rid of him. :P naughty goat.

>>the chickens are still laying well. except they are starting to peck the eggs... we have had a few that the shells were broken, but the 'skin' was still good. but yesterday the whole egg had been drained into the nest box. :P any tips on that one?

>>meditating on this scripture right now; "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." (Colossians 3:17 NIV)

>>Praising God for all of His marvelous blessings, and the riches of family, friends and nature that He has given us. ;]

What's new with you? :]

P.S. Also, about my camera's name... do you have any suggestions? :) It is a girl. But if you have some nice boy (camera) names, I might consider them. ;)


  1. Oh my goodness, I just love that verse that you posted, Colossians 3:17. :) Very comforting and encouraging!

  2. I've tagged you Mikailah!!

    Aren't egg-eating hens so annoying?! Sometimes if you put something really spicy (like tabasco sauce) in the eggs, they get such a shock that they stop. Only make sure that it is REALLY spicy. Once we put weaker chilli in and the hens thought it was awesome. :P

    Hope you're having a lovely afternoon and that the paint is cooperating on your craft projects. :)


  3. Crocheting is fun, right? I do the same when listening to music :) I can't wait to see your skiing post, it's just really fun to read about that 'stuff' for some reason :)

  4. Nothing wrong with loving lowercase letters (aka my blog name) ;) Haha!



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