Once in a lifetime

The sayings; "Once in a lifetime", "Love at first sight" and all such sayings I have always passed off as ridiculous, coincidental, and "so storybookish". But once in a lifetime, you might come across something extraordinary; something special; something you have never seen matched, and can never replace. 

So it is in my mind, concerning a little {furry} friend. 
The stray kitten found under his dead mother, with his brothers and sisters.
Now that little stray kitten has grown into a big {fat} handsome kitty. ;] 
With a personality like no other cat I have ever seen (or heard of!), I might add. 

This is the cat who loves water; No, I mean loves it.
 I have seen him walk out in the middle of mud-puddle and get a drink. He also prefers water fresh out of the faucet. ;] And as you can see {above}, he doesn't mind getting his head wet. And I naughtily gave him some... just so I could get the picture! ;)

 Yup. That is Brutus. Or the Brute as he is affectionately called, along with many names that have no relevance what-so-ever. :)

He is my buddy, my pal, my snuggles friend, my alarm clock, and my tag-along. 

Brute would prefer sitting in a bunch of thyme, than catnip. [See the HUGE catnip plant behind him?] I am telling ya, he is one of a kind. 

And for sharing so many of the Brute's oddities, I might as well share this last one. ;)

Yes, he HATES the recorder. :] And yes, he was biting me. And Mom. 

That is our cat. Brutus. The Brute. Bruuuute. Toodles. Cat. Ahem. I will spare you some of the more sentimental names that get directed at that small, furry creature. ;]

That is my boy. And what a strange, one-of-a-kind cat he is, too. 

Now, that, in my opinion, is something worth applying  "Once in a lifetime"  to. ;)


  1. cats are adorable! : ) I don't have a cat but I have an absolutely gorgeous dog and a few other animals!

    Love ~*Chantelle*~

  2. Cute cat. I e-mailed you but come over and see my post on winners because... well come and see!

  3. That's our Brute!! Very cute post! I really like your new header pictures too!! Love You!!


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