I just got tagged by Joy from Fullness of Joy. :) {Thank you, Joy! :)} 

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11 Random Things About Me:

1. Right now I am reading the Anne Of Green Gables Series. I have never read the whole thing before! *shock*
2. I have been working on playing the song "Glory Bound" sung by The Wailin' Jennies on guitar.
3. My favorite number is 7. I don't know why! :)
4. I am also reading Joyfully At Home, by Jasmine Baucham. Wonderful book.
5. I am learning to be content where God has put me; in AZ. :P (learning)
6. I/we just got 2 more chicks yesterday!! Rhode Island Reds. :) (Yes, only 2... we are thinking of getting a few more, actually. :))
7. I am working on crocheting a doily. It is definitely harder than it looks!
8. Reading, math, and geography are my favorite subjects. :)
9. I am learning to play (the whole thing) Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring on violin. ;)
10. I am going to take a walk in a while... it is a gorgeous day!
11. My computer/kids computer keeps disconnecting itself from the internet; and I have to re-start the computer. Grr. ;)

And now to answer Joy's questions. :)

1. Who are your top favourite classic fiction authors and your top 3 favourite modern fiction authors? Classic fiction: William Shakespeare, John Bunyan, Charles Dickens. Modern fiction: Gilbert Morris, C.S. Lewis (does that count as modern?), Karen Kingsbury.  

2. Which character in John Bunyan's immortal classic, The Pilgrim's Progress, do you identify with the most in their/your spiritual journey? (Christian, Faithful, or Hopeful) Hmmm... maybe a mix of all 3? But probably mostly Christian. 

3. In J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, we see that Sam's and Frodo's responses to Gollum/Smeagol are different. If you were in Sam and Frodo's place during the times they had the opportunity of killing Gollum, would you kill him and be rid of his trickery and wickedness, or would you feel pity for him having carried the burden (the Ring) yourself, knowing its temptation, and show him mercy? (P.S. if you haven't watched/read The Lord of the Rings, you can skip this question)

4. Which do you enjoy more: reading a book or watching a movie? Reading a book, hands down! :) Especially with a cup o' tea. 

5. What is your favourite kind of music to sing, hear and play and who do you think was the greatest music composer of all time? A HARD one! Hmm. Sing: worship. Play: worship, bluegrass. Hear: worship, classical, bluegrass/country.  And the greatest composer?! Impossible to pick! :) But if I can pick 3 or 4... Bach, Handel, Beethoven; all my favorites. 

6. Which 2 books of the Bible do you tend to read from the most? Probably Psalms/Proverbs and... 1-2 Corinthians. {yeah, sorry, that is 4.}

7. Is there a figure in history (outside the Bible) that you love the most? And why? Hmm. Abraham Lincoln (because he abolished slavery, and was kind of a country man;), or Betsy Ross (because she made the first USA flag) probably. 

8. Is there a book or movie that you've read/watched and you've wished something had gone differently and would like to re-write it? Tangled, the movie, for one. I didn't like how the 'witch' got killed in the end; I thought they could have done that differently. Maybe she could have died on her own? She was REALLY old, after all. :P 

9. What are your 2 favourite scenes in The Chronicles of Narnia (taken from either the films, books or both)?(P.S. if you haven't watched/read The Chronicles of Narnia, you can skip this question) They would have to be... The scene in "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe", when Aslan comes back from the dead; and he is standing in the sun, and then Susan and Lucy see him... gives me shivers. And in the book, "The Last Battle" when they get into Narnia to stay, forever. And they are running.. and running.. and they swim up the waterfall, and at the end are re-united with all their friends. (Reminds me of when we get to heaven; there are SO many biblical similarities in those books!) 

10. What are some of the books (fiction + non-fiction) or movies that have inspired and changed your life? Amazing Grace about the life of William Wilburforce {movie}; The Robe {book}-- written by Lloyd C. Douglas; an amazing story about the life of a young Roman who becomes a martyr for Christ. House Of Love {book}-- written by Elizabeth Cheney. Titus: A Comrade of the Cross {book} -- written by Florence Morse Kingsley. 

11. What do you love most about the place where you live? The sun. :) In AZ, we get A LOT of sun. Even in the winter. (which makes the snow melt faster, but oh well.) I like 'cheerful' winters. ;)

Thanks, Joy! Those were great questions! :)

And now for my questions;

1. If you could be like a character in any movie, who would you be, and why? 
2. If you were going to write a book, what would it be about, who would be the main character, and what time period would it be in?
3. If you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be, and what mode of transportation would you use?
4. Who is your favorite bible character, and why?
5. If you could live in any time period, what would it be? 
6. What chapter in the bible have you read more than any other? (or book).
7. If you could visit 6 different countries, anywhere in the world, where would you go?
8. Who is your favorite classical music composer? 
9. Does listening to music help you focus, or does it distract you? (in other words, do you forget everything in singing the songs? ;))
10. Would you rather write a letter, or send an email?
11. What is your favorite writing instrument? And why? :)

I am going to tag:

Elisabeth @ Everything Red
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And if anyone else wants to participate, feel free to join in! :)


  1. Oohh I love Karen Kingsbury! I've read over 20 of her books.

    Thanks for the tag!

    xoxo miss ALK

  2. Thanks for joining the tag, Mikailah! I loved reading all your answers... (and I know some of them were a little hard). The scenes you especially liked from Narnia are some of my favourite as well.

    Oh, and I didn't know you read Lloyd C. Douglas' book, The Robe! This book (though I do have some scruples about its overall theology), was the book that introduced me to the times of Ancient Rome and the lives of the early Christians so vividly I felt like I was living with the characters. It also set me on the idea of writing a historical novel set in Ancient Rome which is now, The Crown of Life =D.

    In His love,

  3. Yay!! Thanks for tagging me! Can't wait to do mine:)


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