this past weekend.

This past weekend, my dear family and I went "down" to visit my two dear sisters, and their families. They live about 5 hours away from us, which is by far, too far. But every time we see each other, I get a lot of pictures. :) More than necessary, actually. But these are memories worth preserving. And a camera is a wonderful way to do it. ;)

These pictures are some of my absolute favorites. :) Miss Anayah Boo is the sweetest little 2 year old on the planet... at least I think so. Her little personality is adorable, and amazingly developed at such a young age! 

  Cade is my youngest nephew, but he has already developed a sense of style. :) He is just starting to talk (real words, at least) and it is so precious to see him repeating words he has heard. It definitely makes you think about the words you say, knowing a one-and-a-half year old might be repeating them.

We stopped by Yogurt Jungle with (almost) the whole crew. We made quite a sight tramping into that already packed place. :) We actually found seats for all of us!! ;] 

Angie, Mom and "bub" Cade. 
Anayah was a real handful around all that water! Unlike some babies, she loves it. We had to constantly be on guard for runaways. :) 

My oldest niece, Mireya. ;) She is so lovely. 

Jude--such a short name for such a guy! :) 

All of the girls. L to R; Grace, Angie, Mommy, Me, Hannah, and Charlotte. :)

We also were blessed to see a Mother duck and 13 ducklings!! :) After that, we really had a hard time keeping the nieces and nephews out of the water. 

With get together's like that; there are always problems. Communication problems. Misunderstandings. Sick children. An unexpected neighbor's visit. But through all that, there is a wonderful sense of peace, and love and understanding. Feelings that only a family can create, and sustain. It was a fabulous weekend... I took over a hundred pictures, but I will spare you. :)

Have you visited any family lately? 

"Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him."
~Psalm 127:3~


  1. Those are such beautiful pictures of your family, Mikailah, thanks so much for sharing, and the Lord Jesus bless ya'll!

    In Him;

    1. Thank you, April! The Lord has blessed me very much in the family sense. :)

      Love in Him,

  2. lovely pictures, Mikaila. :]

  3. It's been too long since I've seen my family. Praise God that you are able to enjoy yours and that you understand how dear that is! As always beautiful pics! Beautiful babies and beautiful ladies. May God bless the rest of your week!

    1. Mrs. Arpino,
      Thank you. :) I am very blessed to have a family like mine. The Lord has blessed me so much.

      Thank you, and may God bless you! :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate it!
    It looks like you had a fun time!
    The Yogurt Jungle looks reaaly good!
    The little kids are so cute!
    And your pictures are great!!!

    1. Hey Katherine! :)
      Thanks for the comment. I love to hear from my readers. :) The Yogurt Jungle was really good. :) It was so fun snapping all the pictures of the fam. :)

      Have a blessed day! :)

  5. Hey sis you always do such a great job on your blog!

    1. Hey Bryan! :)
      Thanks, bro. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was nice to hear from you! <3

      Love ya!


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