summer plans

{Entering photo on the right in Katherine's Photo Challenge!}
These spring days are busy; and I can hardly believe summer is just around the corner. School is out, and for many, summer vacations are beginning. :) I love thinking of summer; at my corner of the world, it includes camping, swimming, lots of music, blogging ('course),  walks, summer jobs, and more and more photography. 

I have thought about doing this in the past, but I want to post my goals for the month/season on here; and also to find out what y'all's plans are. :)

My summer plans/goals:

-go camping
-write at least 3 songs on guitar/piano
-continue saving up for my DSLR
-spend time with my two sisters (who live about 5 hours away)
-work on more complicated doily patterns
-work on my novel
-read at least 2 chapters of the Bible every day
-study for (and take) my drivers permit test *yikes*
-do more photo-shoots
-new blog design (name?)
-improve my drawing skills

The Lord, music, drawing, flowers, animals, family, walks--these are some of the most enjoyable things to me. While they may seem simple to some, these are things I prize. And summer... isn't it for enjoying the things that mean the most to you? :) Those things that may get brushed aside in the busy school year, more often than we like. So, I'm going to enjoy this summer; relish it. Just the word summer is delightful... wouldn't you agree? ;) 

What are you going to relish this summer?


ps--108 followers? Wow, you guys. :) Giveaway is coming this next week, prayerfully! I promise. ;)


  1. Great pictures!
    I can't wait for the giveaway! :D

  2. I'm going to relish the scent of warm, misty midwest early mornings! Your drawing and photos are lovely

  3. Hi Mikailah! I got your comment on my blog, thanks. :) You sound like a really neat person, and we have a lot of the same goals for the summer! I think you saw my list already, but in case you didn't, it's on my blog.

    It's nice to "meet" you! ;)

  4. Your summer plans sound so exciting Mikailah! And....did you draw that??? amazing....
    Awww...your dog is so cute too! What breed is he/she? Oh I love dogs.
    Beautiful flower by the way... :-)


  5. Those are great goals! =) I'm going to relish going to my grandparents' lake and spending a whole week in the water. ;) I'm also going to relish the sunshine. *siiiiiiggghhh*

  6. Lovely photos and summer plans :)

    ps - you have a lovely blog.

  7. Lovely to find you as well! Your photography is completely inspiring and I look forward to more.

  8. I hope you have a great summer! Isn't it fun to be done with school and have time to pour your energy into all the fun stuff in life? :)

    What's your book going to be about?

  9. Love the pics & plans!

  10. Love all the pictures!!! So fun! And gosh, I'm so excited for summer! Hope you have a lovely one!

  11. Your number of followers just keeps growing! Such a nice blog. I always look forward to the new posts. Beautiful and creative pictures!

  12. thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog! your photos are gorgeous :)
    i plan to work on my novel this summer, too.

  13. Hi, Gianna, here! I'm starting up my blog, and would more than appreciate if you checked it out!
    And do be sure to let me know you were there!
    I love your blog by the way;)

  14. Would you enter my photo challenge? :)
    the second one of you looking at the flower would be a good entry! :D

    Thank you and have a great day! :)


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