this week//sun-bows

This week has been rather busy; with cleaning, organizing, and de-junking, and I haven't had time for my blog. :/ Terribly sorry, y'all! But while I was 'gone', I got some pretty amazing pictures of a strange weather occurrence. It was pretty amazing. Take a look below! There was a rainbow around the sun. All the way around it. It was pretty stunning, while it lasted, which it did, for many hours! It was gorgeous. Did any of y'all see it? 

Between photography, music, mowing, watering, cleaning/organizing (which I told you earlier took up a large part of our week--I think we all have the de-junking bug), an unexpected baby-sitting job, and keeping up with the animals, I was super busy. Hopefully this next week I will have more time to devote to my blog. ;) 
Have a blessed Saturday! I am working on a longer post, with a recent photo-shoot. ;]


ps-- Any thoughts on my blog name? I would love to know your personal opinion. 


  1. Beautiful pictures! I missed the sun! I would have loved to take a picture of that!
    The dog is sooooo cute! :)

    Stop by my blog soon! :)
    Have a nice day Mikailah

  2. That's AMAZING! I've never seen anything like that. :-) Awww....your dog is adorable!

    Great photos!


  3. Really cool pics!!! The rainbow is awesome =D I think your blog name is good the way it is!!!


  4. i saw you asking for what your knew blog name should be, how about, The Red Truth, because, in the bible, all of the words in red, are jesus speaking, and jesus speaks the truth. what do you think?!

  5. That sky is beautiful!


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