water droplets + misty rainbows

Things are a'growing, over here in AZ. Of course, they have been helped along with quite a few water droplets from the end of the hose. That is the only way to succeed in growing anything around here. But the apple mint is growing marvelously, and the chives are blossoming with many purple flowers; the sage is spreading amazingly fast, and the thyme--well, when Brute isn't laying on it-- is being used in spaghetti and pizza. 

The lambs ears are spreading extremely fast, as well, and are so soft and velvety that if you closed your eyes, you could imagine your were petting the head of a furry lamb. The rose bush--although bearing only thorns and leaves-- is still quite a wonderful photographer's object. I am hoping for roses soon. :) And speaking of flowers, the wild flowers are just gorgeous!

The little white daisy-type-flowers are blossoming all over in the grass; sprouting up rather like a pearl in blossom form. Although spring is always dry in Arizona, there are many beautiful-- and yes, GREEN-- things to enjoy. :)

Are things growing in your garden? :)



  1. Those were some beautiful pictures!!

  2. Those are some really cool pictures!!!! I like alot =D


  3. Wow! Very cool! I love the ones of the light shining through the leaves.

  4. I love the sunlight in these pictures! Beautiful job! The rainbow is so neat; I need to get my camera out more. Perfect job capturing those tiny little water droplets. ;)
    Safe in Christ,

  5. Pretty Pictures! I liked how you could see the rainbow from the water.


  6. Are you going to enter any photography in the county fair this year??? The glistening dandelion is maybe my favorite...but so many of them are awesome :) I'm not sure I can officially choose a fav.

  7. What pretty pictures! Looks like a fun day :)


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