dirty & clean windows~

Car washing, drying, waxing... every one can relate, right? I have always thought washing cars was fun. :) The family... getting wet together... watching the dirt and grime flow away in a stream of soapy water...seeing the car get clean. But after we wash the car (or in our case, van), it sure doesn't take long for it to get dirty again! Not long at all. 

In a short time, it is covered again in grime, and bugs. And does anyone know how hard it is to get "bugs" off once they are on there a while? Well, if not, let me enlighten you. It is hard. And what may have seemed clean in the dark aisle of the car-wash, often times isn't clean in the sunlight. We get into the light, and the windows may be streaked, and in short, looking worse now, than they did! The sun brings out the dirt. 

But that is so often how it is with our own lives. What may seem to be good, and holy, and perfect in other's eyes, is most often, not perfect at all. It is dirty. And unless God's light shines into our souls, and reveals all the dirt, and sin, we will have a hard time improving our relationship with Him. Sometimes we even look at ourselves and think "We are so much better than that person," or "Oh my. Look what they did!" 

And we need to be... enlightened. We all sin. We all fall. We need our windows washed, if you will. :) It is like a lantern.  If the glass chimney is spotted, it casts 'dirty light'. The light isn't clean and bright; but spotty, and nasty. Ugh. 
We need to clean our windows. Get a new perspective. Ask the holy spirit to enlighten us in the places that need 'cleaned' and to help us achieve that new light. That will shine, and illuminate the dark corners. Of our lives; of others. 

So, what are you waiting for? :) Go wash your windows! ;)

In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.
-Matthew 5:16 NIV



  1. Oh what a great analogy Mikailah! Great post! :-)

    Lizzy ♥

  2. Oh what a great analogy Mikailah! Great post! :-)

    Lizzy ♥

  3. This was a great post!! I loved it! :)

    Oh and I'll be emailing you in a min or two.

  4. Thanks for sharing your faith on your posts - I always enjoy that in a blog :)

  5. Thanks for sharing, so encouraging! =) By the way, I love your Pinterest board. I'm constantly on it ;)
    God bless you!


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