an evening walk

A few days ago, my family and I took an evening walk. It has been really hot here in the daytime, so we save our walks for the evening. It was gorgeous. The sun was about 30 minutes away from setting, there was a slight breeze, and it was the perfect temperature; about 75*. 

Normally I don't take my camera when we walk on the road (what we call 'road walks') but I had an inkling that I might want it; and I'm glad I had it with me! :) On our return, we found a horney toad! (Or more correctly called a 'horned lizard'.) It was cold, and it snuggled up in my hand when I picked it up. They are funny looking little creatures, and I just had to take a picture and show y'all. ;) 

When we returned from our rambles, we looked at the drip system my Dad had put in over the weekend; let me tell you, that is a handy contraption. We are going to be planting a garden. *squeals* In Arizona anything green is welcomed enthusiastically and treasured. Just before we retired inside for the night, the sun lit up the sky one last time before continuing it's decent and leaving us in a blue darkness. Evening walks are gorgeous; just before the world slips into slumber, and the sky is still slightly lit. It is definitely my favorite time of day. 



  1. Great pictures! All of them were beautiful!
    I can't believe you got a picture of a horned lizard on your hand :0

    I also really liked the picture of you!

  2. Oh that adorable horny toad!!!I love those cute little guys!!!

  3. Horses and sunlight-bliss.
    Love the pics! ;)

  4. I love the pictures Mikailah!
    Is that a mini iguana?

  5. I LOVE evening walks as well and nothing is better than with family! My sister in AZ asked if your family would be attending the Homeschool conference in Pheonix. They would like to meet you if you were. They are here visiting us in TN for the next month, but will be heading back for that.
    Always Experiencing Him,

  6. Loving the pictures. Got me in a good mood! :)

  7. Awesome pictures! Love you blog, by the way. :D

  8. beautiful pictures! I soo miss the white mountains! and haha, yep, everything green in az is treasured. animals keep eating my garden... the stuff I go through to get one tomato. ;) hehe.

  9. I love the pics, and Horney Toads! Then are sooooo fun to hold and play with1

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