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Living in a small town in Arizona makes entertainment rather... shall we say, scarce? At least, what you Eastern/Southern people might call scarce. So we have to find other means of entertainment  (besides the tiny theater that plays one--yep, one-- movie at a time; and the river walk; and... I think that's all...) for the whole family to enjoy. :) So, 'round here, we go to roping practice. (aka photography session for those photographers out there. [wink])

Last evening we did just that.

It was a fabulous evening; just standing around watching people rope steers, and talk. There was also one horse that was just brought along for the 'company' and I got to visit with him. :) I... *ahem* named him *ahem* Smokey. I mean, c'mon. You can't just say "are you bored, boy?" or "what's the matter, boy?" A name is so much more meaningful. Daddy was convinced his name was Jeff. Okaaay. Haha. :) We arrived home just as the horizon was lit up like fire, and then fading into a deep blue. The lights of the town were just beginning to stand out. I love sunset. Our summer has officially started. 

When does yours? 



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  2. Nothing better than to go roping on a Sunday night :)
    I myself don't do any actual roping, so they usually make me run the chute & mind the steers if I'm not pretending to be too busy riding ;)

    That is a gorgeous horse you befriended! I've always loved those smoky duns :)

  3. Oh, Mikailah! That looks like SO much fun! Can I come? hahahaha.... if I do every come to visit, we're definitely doing that.

    My summer officially started yesterday! I finished fresman year of high school yesterday. So happy!

  4. Those pictures are so awesome! I love horses and ride them! :)


  5. I agree, sunsets are so gorgeous! Ooh what a handsome horse Smokey is *wink* Hmmm...probably when I'm free to read all day and get to go to the pool for the first time :0 Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!) Philippians 4:8

  6. Aw I love this! Horses are the best. My summer starts when the sun starts to get harsher, the breeze by the ocean warmer, and the summer fruit start coming in. It's the best time of the year.

  7. Great pictures!! Looks like a lot of fun!

  8. That did look like a very interesting evening, Mikailah. :)
    We've never been to anything like that; they hold rodeos around here regularly though.
    As for entertainment...we usually stay home, watch a movie, or go for a walk too. :) Then there's always chess to play.
    Our SC town seems about the size of ya'll's in Arizona. :)
    I'm not much of an 'out' person though...so I don't mind. :)
    That horse was lovely; and I enjoyed all the pictures.

    I can't believe your summer has only now officially started.
    Here in S.C. we reached in the 90's early last month. Its been summer since before the solstice! :)

    Many prayers for you and your family;
    in Him;

  9. My summer starts after the wind stops. :/ And so far this year we haven't had too many nasty winds.... so I guess that the summer started early!!!!!!!!!! I love summer! Great pics Mikailah!


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