and then it rains

The sun beats down with full force, bring sweat to brows and scorching anything that doesn't have an unlimited supply to water. Weeds and flowers alike wilt under the relentless glare of the sun while the water in the pails evaporate faster than was thought possible.

Citizens wipe their foreheads and look at the brassy sky in hopeful eagerness; anxiously awaiting the signs of a summer thunderstorm. But alas, it appears that their hopes will be disappointed.

And then.... oh, and then. 

The hot wind blows, and e're long a change has overcast the land. The angry grey and white clouds cover the sun; the air cools, and a breeze refreshes the heated cheeks of construction workers and builders. The air gets a strange smell to it; a smell that is very scarce--and very much welcomed-- in Arizona... indescribable... sweet... cool.... fresh... like the whisper of the {very} far off sea. It is the smell of rain. 

The far off rumble of thunder gradually comes closer, until it seems as if the storm is directly above us--all around us. One rain drop falls to the ground, a small poof of dust recognizing it's presence. Then two more fall. Then five. Then a million raindrops begin falling, washing away the heat; the grime; the weariness.

Children run outside to play in the perfect epitome of summer, heavens' tears wetting their hair and running down their face. Dogs bark in the fields and the goats run for the shelter of the barn.

The very season of summer wouldn't be complete without this one beautiful, refreshing occurrence that is repeated over and over.


{looks like snow, but is actually rain with a flash on.} 


ps-- entering the picture below in Lucia's photo challenge. isn't my niece adorable? ;)


  1. Rain in Arizona = best thing ever. ;)

  2. Yep. Rain in AZ=the best thing ever. It is so hot, and to just get a break from the awfulness is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

  3. ohmygosh, she is adorable!!!!!!!

  4. Just discovered your blog {from your guest post at Rhapsody in PINK}, and I must say...this post immediately grabbed my attention. Rain has been a definite blessing on our farm after going without for oh-so-long. The horse pastures scorched, the gardens began to wither, and everything just turned...brown. Oh, what a blessing those glorious little drops were! Loved your post...and the picture of your niece? ADORABLE.

  5. Beautiful rain pictures!
    Oh, and your niece? She's absolutely precious!!!

  6. Love the last photograph, Miss Mikailah!

    Thank you, deary, for always leaving the sweetest notes in my garden walk. You are such a sweet friend, and I feel blessed to have you as one of my readers. ;)

    Much love,
    >>---> happily tending her garden @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  7. lol!! Love that last picture. It's so so CUTE!!!

  8. hi dear, this is my first time in your blog and i'm totally following it! :) beautiful post!! it's true, it wouldn't be summer without rain!


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