gals in sunglasses

left to right: Angie, Grace, Mom, yours truly, Charlotte and Hannah. 

"move this way!"
"wait, I can't see."
"okay, move that way!"
"ouch! you're smashing me..."
"oh, goodness, the dog just stepped on me."
"the dog?! what is she doing? she was suppose to be locked up..."
"oh, no, the baby is crying!"
"shhhh! it's okay, sweetheart."
"oooh, the grass is wet!"

These are the sounds of family; sisters, actually. Sisters, {and Mom} attempting a 'gals in sunglasses' photo-shoot. It came off pretty well with Daddy as photographer. The whole experience was fraught with humorous events; such as dogs jumping on people {while they were seated}, babies crying {which wasn't so humorous, but the attempts to console them were quite mirth provoking. ahem.}, children running all over, and the general hilarity that comes when 2 or more sisters are gathered. It is so nice to have 4 sisters and a dear Mother who I can share laughter with. And with my sense of humor it is quite very good to have family who is (or can be) as silly as I am. :)

Ahh, good times. The 'gals in sunglasses' will long be cherished in my memories. The pictures may fade, and the years will go by amazingly--frighteningly--fast, but this is one of those memories--those simple pleasures--that I will always treasure.



  1. Are those all your siblings? do you have any brothers?

  2. hahaha I LOVED this post!!!
    Great pictures too :)

  3. those are adorable! you all look so cute with your specs on.

  4. oh my goodness. i seriously think your mom looks like a teenager! (which is a good thing! I think! :)) you are all beautiful!

  5. these are adorable!

  6. Aww!!! This is so cute! Your dad is a wonderful photographer, and you and your sisters are so "perty."

    Cheers to lots of siblings and big familes, eh?!



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