our little miracle chicken + more

Life happens. That is how I console myself in realizing that it has been 5 days since I posted. {sorry, y'all.} Meanwhile, I have been very occupied with music, animals, studying, buying {see below} and many other little tid-bits of life. These are the major high-lights of the past 5 days.

a) A driver's permit in my pocket {read: purse}. Yup. Another teenage driver {soon to be} on the roads. I officially feel 15. {The fact that I'll be turning 16 in September has nothing to do with it, folks.} It feels so weird to be able to legally drive. On the road! How time flies.

b) I ordered my camera! I don't think I had even said anything about this before--but I bought a Nikon d3100. (!!!!) I have been asking around about buying a DSLR for a looooong time. Thanks to many sweet people giving me advice, I settled on the d3100. My enthusiasm for photography has progressed so much over the past year, that my little Canon SD940 IS isn't cutting it anymore. And yes, I'm a traitor. I deserted Canon, and now I'm a Nikon girl. :) To say that I'm excited wouldn't do the feeling justice. I am ecstatic. Oh, don't worry. I will be posting when she arrives. 

c) We have a chicken, who is a miracle. No joke. What happened yesterday was incredible-- and seemingly impossible. I must tell you about it.

Last evening we had a miraculous event take place. Something that I would have never thought possible. It was just after dinner; and a lovely rain shower when my Dad looked out the window, and saw a dog (or so he thought) running towards the chicken pen. He thought it was Liberty--running at the chickens and playing like she sometimes does.

But on a closer look, he saw it was a coyote. We all ran outside and Dad ran for his shot-gun. I stood there in shock as I watched that coyote jump the 4 foot fence, grab a chicken, and jump back over like it was nothing. Dad fired the gun, and I ran down to the chicken pen. {I'm telling you, I didn't know I could run so fast--and barefoot!} We looked all over, hoping that our 'lil chicken was okay--but knowing it was barely possible. Suddenly, I heard a "cluck"! From the opposite hill where I was searching at. I thought, impossible. But I ran down the hill, across the field, and to the house {still barefoot} where Mom handed me some shoes. 

Dad had gone to investigate, and guess what? There she was {it was Rhoda--the Rhode Island Red. *wink*}, strutting around about 150 yards away from the pen, in the trees. The only thing we can figure is that the coyote dropped her when dad shot the gun! It was a miracle. Now, I'm sure all y'all know coyotes! They get a chicken, and run, it is gone. We could have looked ALL over those hills, and never found her--we live in a little valley, surrounded by trees, and mountains and rocks. 

Now, to some of you, that might not sound very big. But when you raise chickens from chicks--name them--you get attached. And I never expected to see that chicken again. She was fine. She lost some feathers, and her neck was just a little torn up, but it was incredible. I am still so amazed. 

God is good, folks. He cares about little things like that. In my farm-eyes, that is a modern-day miracle.

 What is new with you, friend?


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  1. Wow! That is a miracle! 0_0
    So glad your chicken is alright. I get attached to animals too, so I understand how you must have felt when it happened.

    Congrats on getting a DSLR camera and drivers permit! So exciting when stuff like that happens. ;)

    Well, hope you have a great evening!

    P.S. and yes, I have been noticing a lot of ads lately. Strange isn't?

  2. I just love your blog!! It is so refreshing!

  3. Good post! This is the kind of information that should be distributed on the online community. I would like to read more of this.

  4. wow, that is amazing! GOD is so good. lovely pictures, too.



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