summer l♥ves {guest post by Grace}

Hey y'all! My sister Grace has posted on here in the past, and it was high time she did again. ;) This isn't really a "guest post"--at least a traditional one, because I'm still here, but it is, in one sense. ;) Anyway, welcoming Grace! <3

 It is definitely summer; a wonderful time for photography, and relaxation. My rabbit hops around in her cage, looking for sweet treats of green grass, and dandelion greens. Summer around here is relaxing. Planting flowers, (watering flowers), playing with the animals and running through sprinklers. Recently I got a camera, exactly like the one Mikailah has, and I've been enjoying it; you never look at something the same way when you have a camera in your hand. :) Summer is a beautiful time of year; my favorite season. 

Summer Loves:
allergies disappear (from the pollen of the pinon trees)
eating outside in the sunset
swimming in lakes
fishing (& eating) fish, of course
inspiration--there is something so inspiring about summer
photography tendencies
bees and butterflies flitting around
bike-riding and family walks
BBQ's and picnics 
iced tea and lemonade
running through the sprinkler

What are some of your summer loves? 

I hope to post more on here in the future... I hope you enjoyed my post, and enjoy the rest of your summer! 

May God bless you all! :)
~Grace LeFevre


  1. Lovely post, Gracie! :) I love the pictures.

    Love ya!

  2. love this post, grace. nice to meet mikailah's sister. i love summer too!

  3. I enjoyed your post Grace! Nice pictures! I can almost feel the water from that sprinkler! I love summer too!

  4. Thank-you all so much for the nice comments......I enjoy hearing from ya'll so much! It make's me feel REAL special to know that someone takes the time to comment on my posts. Thank-you all so much again.

    May God Bless all y'all's week!
    ~Grace LeFevre~

  5. Great post Gracie!!!!!!! Some of my fav things to do in summer are.... sleep in late LOL! soak up the sun and spend time with family!


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