War Horse || Movie Review

So, last night for the first time, my family and I watched War Horse. Being a horse lover, I knew I would enjoy it, but it totally exceeded my expectations! This movie was amazing. Humorous, touching, full of action, feeling and... horses. Ahem.
I loved this picture--so I had to include it. ;)

*Note: this post will contain spoilers: I will write all the spoilers in italic; so if you haven't seen this movie, GO!* 

Okay, so the characters.

Jeremy Irvine as:
Albert Narracott 
I think Jeremy did a really good job playing Albert. I could really see his feeling. You know, some actors don't really show much expression; but he did a really good job. 

I really, really liked Albert's character. From the beginning he seemed {okay, was} a strong, caring character; good with animals, persevering, sincere and he talks to them! Like we talk to people. Which really reminded me of myself. ;) Because I do that. He loves the horse {Joey}, and he talks to him almost as you and I would a child. Explaining what he has to do, and why. That above picture is just... wordless. 

This scene is so funny.. haha. He is showing off to one of his "friend/enemies" and he tries to jump Joey over a stone wall. Joey doesn't jump, but Albert does! 
Peter Mullan as:
Ted Narracott 
I really liked his character, too. He had some seriously problems {he was a drunkard} and very headstrong, but in a good way, in my opinion. At the auction his landlord bids him up really high over Joey; you know, that kind of "I will be you in this" kind of thing. And he buys Joey for 3 times more than he is worth, so he can beat his landlord. *sigh*  So, he is really headstrong, but determined... you can tell he loves his family, but his past is so hard for him to think about, that he drinks. 

Emily Watson as:
Rose Narracott 
She was SO good in this movie. I've seen her in Miss Potter and I loved her in that movie; and she was really good in this movie too... although completely different character! She was strong, determined, tough, but very feminine. She doesn't come across as "manly" at all. I loved her relation with Albert. It is so sweet--loving, understanding, and just... sweet. :) 

And you can tell she loves her husband very much. There is a scene where he says something about she will hate him, for what he is/will become -- and she says, "I may hate you more, but I will never love you less." :) 

Celine Buckens as:
I loved her character in the movie. Sweet, caring, very perceptive, and a little headstrong, but so sweet. She lived with her grandfather and absolutely loved horses. {Plus this was Celine's first big movie; and I thought she did amazingly well!}

Niels Arestrup as:
Emilie's Grandfather
He was so sweet. Caring, always trying to make everything better. He did a fabulous job, I thought.
This scene was really sad... but you can just see their relationship--completely sweet, and caring. They are basically all each other has.

Benedict Cumberbatch as:
Maj. James Stewart
He wasn't really in the movie for that long, but as usual, he is an amazing actor: and he did a superb in this movie! I've seen him in Amazing Grace and parts of BBC's Sherlock and he did a great job. I wish they would have put him and some of the "supporting" actors in a little bit more, but, anyway.

I love his horse... *sigh* A big, black beauty. 

Tom Hiddleston as:
Captain Nicholls 
I really like how Tom Hiddleston portrayed Captain Nicholls. Caring, strong, determined, brave, gentle, genuine, but still a respected soldier. Like I said above, I wish they would have put more parts in this movie for him and Benedict Cumberbatch. Anyway. 

Plus he was nice to the horses--one of the only men in the movie who was.

David Kross as:
He is the one on the left. The boy on the right is his brother-- but I didn't catch his name. These two characters where a huge addition to the movie. They care about the horses, they care about each other, and they added a wonderful part to the movie. 
All in all, this was a wonderful movie! A new favorite.

Just the story was amazing; a boy, his horse, war tearing them apart, how the horse goes from on side to the other, inspiring both Germans and English by his stamina and will to live,  and his smarts {because that is an intelligent horse, people}.

I really liked all the relationships in there; a man and his wife-- father/mother and son-- a boy and his horse-- the struggles, and how they over-come. Family, friends, enemies, just life. Plus horses, of course. ;) {Did you know that 14 different horses played Joey in the movie? Kind of neat.. ;)}

So, rating it, I am giving it 4.7 stars out of 5.

The only thing is, there is a bit of violence; I mean, it is World War 1! But I wouldn't recommend that you watch if with any young(er) children.

Have you seen it yet? If not, are you going to?


  1. Ahh!! I really want to see this movie soooo bad!!


  2. Oh yeah!! War Horse is a great movie! Even though I saw it more for the WWI factor, it was really good for a horse-movie. And I had no idea that 14 horses played Joey!!! :O Amazing...

  3. I too enjoyed this movie... is was so sweet and a joy to walk alongside of the characters.... {And even though those sad parts involved a few tears... it was worth it!}


  4. I loved that movie!! So touching!

  5. YES! I've seen it several times , and I LOVE it!! :) God bless!

  6. I really loved this movie, I cried in the end! It was beautiful, by all means, beautiful! Lovely review, I totally agree with you on the actors, by the way :)

  7. I watched this movie, and LOVED it so very much!!

    Thanks for the great review :).

  8. Looks and sounds like a wonderful heart-warming movie.

    I love your new blog look. Glad to see you're still blogging and encouraging others young ladies in their walk with the Lord. :)

  9. I LOVE this film, such a work of art.

  10. Mikailah,
    That was a very informative bunch of facts and I liked the pictures that you chose! Very nicely done..as usual! Keeponblogging..

    I love you and am so proud of you..

  11. I love this movie and want the soundtrack!!

    The other German boy name was Michael.

    ~War Horse Fan

  12. I LoVe ThIs MoViE SO......... MuCh............?


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