finding beauty

Finding beauty. This is the new name voted on by you--readers--and decided on by myself. It has been a long road--contemplating and deciding if I should change the name--and then what I should change it too. 

I like Maid For Him. It was good, for a season. But I have grown--changed, and I wanted my blog to reflect me. I am still a "maid for Him", but I want my blog to reflect who I am--and what makes me who I am. The main reason I chose this name, is because, living in Arizona, it is a real challenge to find things that are of beauty to take pictures of. Sometimes I look around, and all I see is dirt. Dust. Weeds. Scrubby trees. Rocks. There are beautiful things here--to find, cherish, photograph--but you have to look harder. {Believe me, I know.} You have to squint sometimes to see the full potential an object holds. In everything. Not just in scenery. In life. In photography. In people. 

Also, I don't want this blog to just be for Christian young ladies. I want all readers to be welcome--and not have to feel like they were reading a "christian" blog. 

I want this blog to reflect me. Not to just be the writer behind a screen, and thousands of miles away--but a friend, someone who will listen, understand, who you can laugh with (even if it is over a computer screen). I want this blog to reflect my personality. Shy, then once you get to know me, funny, and ridiculously goofy. An animal lover, photographer, avid {and I mean avid} reader, a writer, passionate pro-life enthusiast, a Christian, music player... a finder of beauty.

I will still be posting the same things--pictures, thoughts, scriptures, movie reviews, inspiration--but the overall feel of the blog will be a little different. Thank you all for your thoughts, and for faithfully following this little blog. :) You all bless me so much.  



  1. love the new name and i am obsessed with the new design! it's so fresh and pretty!

    it's so true about finding beauty here in arizona. the grass here has still not turned green so i'm getting really impatient. i just feel so much more inspired as far as photography goes when i'm surrounded by green.

    oh, and the last picture is so gorgeous! I love how the light is shining through the clouds.

  2. wow! I know exactly where you're coming from! I used to be "the ambitious homemaker" and felt like it was reflecting my religious beliefs way too much. That, and my blog really wasn't about being a homemaker- it was just describing me. Inspired was something I was living up to. Under the sun is my way of respecting Ecclesiastes, but describing my life-- and everything that happens under my life under the sun. While "Maid for him" still is what you are, it's best to change it to something that reflects your writings/photography... what you want to blog about.

    My advice (I'm going to give you some unasked for advice you see- but take it from a friend looking out for you) is that people know truth when they see it. Whatever you do, do it as sincerely, and as intentionally as you can. Make it come right from your soul. People respect the people who bear their feelings with honesty. I learned this the hardest way.

    Love you, your blog, and that first picture!


  3. i love that last picture! amazing!

  4. Gah, I love it! The name is awesome :)

  5. I like your new title! Very nice!
    Great pictures too!

    P.S. how is blogger working out for you? Is it fixed or is it still being a pain? haha

  6. I love the last picture! i liked your old name, but i understand why you changed it :)

    you're a wonderful young lady, and your blog certainly reflects that!

  7. Very nice!! I really like the new name and I totally understand about you wanting your blog to reflect you! I'm looking for ways to improve my blog too.


  8. I perfectly understand. The thing I learned from my two years of blogging - be honest. Be honest with your thoughts, words, & photos. People respect that. There are way too many casual, post-just-for-the-sake-of-posting blogs out there, but genuine, honest blogs are scarce... & desperately needed. :)

    eve @ essence of eve

  9. erm, I basically can't get over that sky photo. epic sky scenery is basically one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. ♥

  10. Wonderful post and pictures. I like the name change. I reflects your heart. Lovely pictures!!
    Love you, Dad

  11. so lovely! i'm excited about this :)

  12. This is soo crazy, dear! Your right, I didn't even see this post and I wrote one so similar, with even the same title!
    Beautiful, beautiful post, though, Mikaihlah! *laughs* We are alike aren't we?
    The new change sounds lovely, and I am looking forward to what you have in store for this blog in the future.

  13. I really like your first photo, Mikailah!

    And the reason behind the name change is pretty neat ;-)

    I awarded you over @ my blog!
    Please go see:

  14. Did I already tell you I awarded you at my blog? If so, just delete this comment =)
    I don't know why I'm not remembering if I did or not. ;-)

  15. Whoa! That last picture . . . you have a nice un-obstructed view of the clouds! Mine usually has rooftops in it. =D


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