home scenes {a video}

Today was just a normal day--nothing special. Cleaning, laundry, music, snapping pictures--the usual. It doesn't seem very special, or extraordinary to us now, but in the years to come, we will remember the "old days" and wish we had taken more time to appreciate the things we now take for granted.

Things like having time to listen to the pitter-patter of rain on the window. Things like walking around for hours snapping pictures to your hearts content. Like picking up one of the 4 instruments leaning against the couch and playing the first song that comes into your head. Like laughing at the dog's antics and putting a continuously escaping chicken back in the "chicken yard". 

These things are simple. They are everyday. But they are beautiful. 

This is just a little film I made today sharing a few scenes of home--enjoy.

Note: This is the first video I've ever made--and it is a little rough. Please over-look the slightly blurry pictures and excessive movement.

scenes of home {video} from Mikailah Autumn on Vimeo.


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  1. How lovely... I especially love the piece that went along with your sweet video.... capturing the simple, timeless, and cherished joys of the day!


  2. Wow- your home is so pretty! I was actually really surprised to see so much green since it IS Arizona in the middle of summer. Your house has such a homey comfy look to it.

    Your video was precious, dearie!

  3. wow. this is lovely. good job! first video? never would have guessed.

  4. Oh, I loved it! You really captured some special moments out of those average days.

    And hey - your videotaping was fabulous! You hardly shook. I remember my first video - I was shaking all over the place ;)

    I can totally relate to having 4 instruments on the couch and picking them up and playing them.My dad owns a ridiculous amount of guitars (like 5 or something), so at any given time there could be one or two of them on the couch. :)

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  5. Love the video! it was RAINING in the first few scenes outside! YAY for rain in Arizona! very good for your first video! and thanks for all your nice comments on my blog :)

  6. such a lovely video(:
    i love how it portrays so much of your life and i love how beautiful you made normal things seem!!

    xx, Abi

  7. I loved that!
    And guess what..I used to play that song on the piano...haha! xD

  8. This is REALLY beautiful, Mikailah! You're performing wonders with your new camera. I enjoyed every 'home scene'. :)

    xx Acacia

  9. That was such a nice video, Mikailah! and your first...well! what a wonderful job you did. I really liked the way you captured the rain. And the music you chose to accompany it went along so perfectly...

    Love you,

  10. Hi Mikailah...i just had the best time watching your[first ever] video! All the little things that usually go unnoticed were highlighted! A little flower ready to bloom...a little leaf on its way out...the simple joy of having barefeet to walk on the earth. The little bunnys nose made me laugh! As a young girl...you excell in being in the moment, and the gift of gratitude. My name is Esther, mommy of two grown sons. Thank you!


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