mid-week adventures

Adventures come in many shapes and sizes. This week it came in the form of going to see family in the big city to see my brother-in-law graduate from Police Academy, and--of course--to visit. Going to see family is always fun. The word fun doesn't even describe it completely. Fun, crazy, noisy, relaxing {at times, it is}, enjoyable. Seeing family, staying up until 11:00 at night laughing with your sisters over nothing, jouncing babies, eating French Burnt Peanuts, jumping on the trampoline with nieces and nephews in the 100* and humid weather, working and playing together, reading books, & doing puzzles. 

What a time. When it comes to 3 aunts, "Grandma and Grandpa", 6 little kids, and their parents {my brothers and sisters}, the house is anything but quiet! Shouts of laughter waft in from outside where my red-faced sister is jumping with even redder-faced nieces and nephews while clanking in the kitchen shows signs of delicious food being prepared. I am a country, quiet, animals, nature, cool air kinda girl, but I will gladly exchange that life for the city and heat for a while to celebrate and spend time with this mob. 



  1. these pictures are so pretty. good job! your niece is adorable.

  2. beautiful pictures. sounds like you had quite the time! family is such a wonderful thing. <3

  3. Oh boy... do I know what you're talking about... Crazy fun, and lazy relaxed. There is nothing like staying/seeing family, right!


    Lovely family... er mob!

  4. Sounds like such a fun time! I love spending time with my family too and wish whenever I move somewhere new that they would follow.

  5. Great pics! I can tell you really love your new camera! Thnx for sharing about your family!!!!!

  6. Your photos are ahh-mazing. I'm truly, wholly and utterly in love with them. I loved the family aspect of this post as well as well as the simpilcity of it. :) Basically, I just really like your blog.

    much love!


  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Mikailah, and for your sweet words! I love the new name and look of your blog, did you design it yourself?

    I wish I had the time (and patience) to sit down and learn some html. :) someday...

    Blessings, friend!



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