of horses, sunlight & family

Walking has always been an activity that we do regularly. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday will find us heading out the door attired in anything from sweats and tennis shoes to skirts and sandals--and always armed with our cameras and sense of adventure. There is something invigorating about walking... especially {once again} at golden hour. We breathe deeply, smelling the slightly grainy scent of the grass, the wet earth, the horses in the nearby field and--of course--the sunflowers that line the road. 

And if any observer was to watch us, we would look pretty normal. Excepting the fact that we have to catch our dog whenever a car passes so she won't chase it. Oh, and the fact that we walk 10 feet in 10 minutes, because, of course, we have to stop and take pictures of everything... looking pretty awkward in some poses, I might add. We usually take a 2 mile walk in 40 minutes. Unless it happens to be golden hour. And unless we all have our cameras. Unless we stop to talk to the neighbors. Unless the horses in the neighbor's field look gorgeous with the light shining on their sleek coats and dancing among the waving grass.  

Then, we all stop and pat their soft, brown, fuzzy noses. And take pictures.


P.S. A slight tid-bit of news... I'll be leaving for Ohio tomorrow. For a month. Don't worry, I won't desert you! I have a few amazing guest-posters lined up, and I'll be posting from there some. :) When I return, be prepared for an overload of pictures, and many adventurous tales. xx


  1. I love your description of your family. And horses, well, who doesn't love horses?

  2. Love the photos, especially the second one!! And have a great trip to Ohio! :)

  3. Love it so much. And those horses? Love 'em! Can't wait to see the guest posters. Have fun in Ohio!

  4. Oh I'm slightly envious. lol. i love the country, thanks for the warm welcoming feel. <3

  5. Good pictures! I love the holding hands one!

  6. Lovely photos Mikailah! :)
    Have fun in Ohio!

  7. Very sweet photos... my favorite being the one of the hands being held in the sunlight...

    Have an amazing trip!


  8. Sunflowers! We have some of those in our yard, uncluding a giant one about 10 feet tall I think. It'll be covered in blossoms any day now...


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