rainy afternoons

Rainy afternoons have always been a favorite of mine. The cool air with the scent of the indescribable smell of wet dirt and grass. The reflections in the puddles. The chance for your artsy instincts to emerge. I often find myself either walking around in the rain hearing the camera shutter click smartly, drawing, writing, or more recently trying my hand at watercolor painting while sipping a hot cup of cocoa. 

Fall is in the air. We are right in between that transition. When the mornings are cloudy, the rainy days get below 65* and the leaves start falling off the cherry tree--only a few, at first, but before we know it they will fall in a cloud of gold and red--then I know fall is just around the corner. The change of seasons has never ceased to amaze me. The way God created it--so amazing, intriguing, and altogether unique. Hot, warm, cool, cold. The never ending pattern. 

Rainy fall/late summer days... And hot cocoa, paint, books, and a camera?

How much better can rainy days get?



  1. Beautiful pictures Mikailah! And you did a really great job on the painting.... if i tried that, you wouldn't be able to tell they were fruits :P

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  2. i adore this. the end. <3

  3. This was sweet- and I love your drawing! But my aren't you talented *smiles*


  4. Psssh. I always love your posts Mikailah! LOOOVE that picture with the leaves and bokah! Lovely :)

  5. amen. beautiful rainy days... good books, hot tea, a journal... and perhaps some hand-lettering practice... good times...

  6. There is nothing better than a rainy afternoon! And I am so ready for fall. It's my absolute favorite season. :)

  7. Rainy days... how peaceful... how delightful!
    {Lovely bokah in the photo of the wet leaf as well.. so sweet!}

    The cool temperatures that you are getting sound delightful... I was just thinking about the coming of fall this morning... for us, we still have about a month and a half of waiting! Oh well... :)

    All God's seasons are beautiful~


  8. Beautiful photos.


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