what makes life beautiful, v.2

I love life. I love living life. Why do I love living life? Because it is good. God is good to us. Life is worth living. I've always been someone who is caught up in the moment. Not oblivious to the suffering, and hardships life holds--just enjoying the many beautiful moments life holds. I have been enjoying these last late summer days. Spending time relaxing, sipping iced tea made with home-grown apple mint, the tangy taste of tiny oranges {fondly known as "cuties"}, and the slight whisper that summer is almost over. The sun isn't as warm as it was a few weeks ago, and a flew yellow-y gold leaves flutter from the brown branches.

I can never get over how fast the seasons fly. Here one moment, gone the next. Can it be almost 2 months ago that the 4th of July rolled around? Wasn't it just yesterday that the house was full of little kiddos running to-and-fro, and the summer was right before us, unexplored and full of adventure? Wasn't it? I think I'm still clinging to summer--sad to see another summer disappear in the never ending circle-- yet excited about what fall will hold. In the dead of winter, perhaps, I will look back at these sweet summer days, and just reminisce the past; like pulling dusty photo-albums off a shelf. 


Brutus, the cat || chickens scratching || caterpillars on sunflowers || dandelions, water, and bokeh || Madagascar Vanilla Red tea in my horse mug warming my hands and cookies || sunbursts behind clouds || checkered "Converse" shoes || sunlight || new thrift-ed clothes || summer || the transition between fall and summer || cool breezes || grass still growing

What is making your life beautiful right now, friends?

Much love,


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm amazingly speachless. That was beautiful, the pictures and words fit like a melody. Enjoy your tea.

  2. Great post, Mikailah!! Although I enjoy the sunshine, I'm personally glad it's almost fall, since it's my favorite season. :) Btw, love the converse!!

  3. Mikailah! I love this post. A lot. The picture of the sky basically had my eyes grow wide. SOOOOO amazing, beautiful, awesome. aaahhh! God paints the best pictures! :)

    I love what you wrote too. It made my heart happy but also ache with wonder a bit when I was reminded that yes, time flies by soooo fast. I remember summer starting and the prospect of having it stretched out before me like a blank book. Now it's practically filled and a new season is on the rise...like another blank book with pages to fill.

    What makes my life beautiful right now is just having all of my family around me. It's such a blessing. I don't want to take any moment with them for granted.

    Blessings Mikailah!


  4. Oh my goodness! I want a cattttttt like that!!! Yours is really pretty :-) I'm a cat person.

    Vanilla tea? That is my absolute favorite tea. Ever.


  5. Love your shoes! I have the same ones, except they're a different color. :) And cats, well, I can't get enough of cats. :)

  6. The caterpillar picture is adorable! :) So tiny and cute.

  7. Uhhh slightly lovely picture alert here! And the words? Poetry. I'm in love, especially with the kitty and that gorgeous sun shot...


  8. I liked the picture of the coffee.I love your blog... I hope you will check out mine. http://emmavogelsang.blogspot.com/ . It is called Living Fully by Faith .


  9. Photography = Gorgeous! :)
    Hmm... right now, people are making my life beautiful. After a summer break, it is so great to see my friends again at school. Their personalities, fashions, and opinions are so diverse and beautiful.

  10. I love the picture of the cat, I've often wished I had one to take pictures of . . . oh well, I do have a beagle, which is just as good. ;)

  11. Lovely Mikailah!
    Beautiful pictures and words too.
    I'd say what is making my life beautiful right now is the fact that I love the Lord Jesus, and He loves me, and I have a family that loves me, and according to the Lord's guidance, we're all safe at home - here living in SC and not NC! :)
    I know that won't make sense...but.... :)
    Another thing that makes my life beautiful right now is the bowl of pickles I'm going to get! :) I love eating pickles...just pickles by themselves. :)
    The Lord Jesus bless you!


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