"Inspirational Findings" | Guest Post by Nela

We've all had it, right? The most dreaded, awful, and sometimes terrifying thing when it comes to writing....the writer's block. *shudders*

Well obviously we can't write if there's something in our mind that keeps us from writing our best, so as clique as this sounds, the #1 thing to do would be not to write at all! ;)

We all have different ways of finding inspiration, so what I've got down below is a list of things that have helped me before in finding my inspiration again.
Read on, and I hope that some of these tips will also work for you as well.. ;)

                                        1. Read Your Favorite Books

 I'm a total book-worm! No joke. Some of the books that I enjoy reading (and also look to for inspiration) are:

     "Anne of Green Gables" series by L.M. Montgomery
 "Little Women" by Louis May Alcott
 "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell
       "The River of Time" series by Lisa T. Beregren
        "The Huger Games" by Suzzane Collins
     "Warriors" by Erin Hunter
     "Swordbird" by Nancy Yi Fan

        2. Bake Your Favorite Treats
If there's one thing that I enjoy doing, it's baking. You can find all sorts of inspiration after you take your first bite of a well-deserved treat. ;)

                                                 3. Make Yourself a Hot Beverage
                                               A list of some hot drinks that I would recommend trying are:.

                                                            4. Go Outside & Take A Walk

                                                        Be sure to wear the right attire for the conditions outside!
                                                        (obviously, but I couldn't think of what else to say. :) )

5. Spend Quality Time With Your Friends and Family

Hang out with a friend you haven't seen in awhile, go read a book to a child, do anything with your family/friends that helps keep your mind away from writing.

   6. Do Chores Around the House

You know the routine; do the dishes, clean the bathrooms, fold the laundry, etc. Believe it or not, when you're doing constructive work for the home, you can find a lot of inspiration in the simple things in life, that could help benefit others. :)

         7. Listen To Some Music 
         (Or Better Yet, Make Some Music!)

 I like listening to music that has a calm and relaxing rhythm to it, and also to songs that have an upbeat rhythm that gets my adrenaline going and my inspiration flowing. :D

A few of my favorites are as follows:
Fragile N.4~ Dustin O'Halloran
As Long As You Love Me~  Justin Bieber (acoustic cover by Anthem Lights featuring Manwell of G1C)
Love Story meets Viva la Vida~ The Piano Guys
Coldplay-Paradise (Peponi)~ The Piano Guys

       8. Take Photos (especially if you're into photography)

I cannot stress how important this is to any budding photographer out there. If you feel like you have no inspiration left in you, go grab you camera and explore different places around your home or neighborhood. You'll never know what you might just capture.. ;)

9. Take A Looong Nap

If you ask me, I feel very refreshed after I've taken a good long nap. ;) Who knows? You just might find the inspiration you need in the dreams that you dream.....(that last part didn't make any sense at all, did it?)

        (all images are from Pinterest)

What do you do to find inspiration?


Hello! My name's Marianela (but everyone calls me Nela for short), and I'm a blogger over at "Beloved Star" & Nel's Home Cooking. Some of my passions and hobbies are cooking, baking, reading, writing, martial arts, exercising, photography, and of course, blogging. ;) I am also a sinner saved by the grace of God, through faith in the work of His Son, Jesus Christ. So come over and visit for awhile. I would love to meet you. :)


  1. thank you:) I think I have the writers block, LIKE ALL THE TIME!!!
    I will be working on it:)

  2. Great post, thanks for giving us inspiration ideas.
    p.s. thanks Mikailah for having guest bloggers... what a fun idea.

  3. great post, girl! :) you have some great tips for that "writers block". :) thanks so much for guest-posting on my blog! xx


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