sweet sixteen

Dear sixteen,
Wow. I can't actually believe that I'm writing this, and that you are actually the reality; here, and now. It was years ago that I dreamed of sixteen--you know, every little girls dream. Sweet Sixteen. The year when I could legally start driving. The year when I first get to wear make-up. The year that I will be grown up. In a little girl's mind, it seems like a fantasy; wonderful and golden. But you are just another year, another day, another moment. Things change over time; especially people. People I love are growing up, and changing. People I once thought were completely impossible to change, did. Situations I never imagined took place right before my very eyes, and people I loved and respected went out of my life forever. Such is life. In my short life, it seems I have almost lived many life-times. Changes of scene and people and situations have passed until those dreams of my childhood seem far in the past--very distant and small.

But I have new dreams, now. Dreams that, perhaps, you have helped me discover. Dreams of life, dreams of plans, dreams of wishes, of hopes, and even sometimes dreams of fantasies. Things once thought impossible are no longer such. The world, yet still big, doesn't seem so far around. God changes things--He opens windows, and shows us things that must happen, and things that will happen, and things that need to happen. He gives us dreams--dreams that make our blood boil, and our lips speak passionately about; things that we must talk about, and sometimes things we have to think about quietly, holding it inside.

And another year. Sixteen years, in all. What will the next 16 hold? The next year hold? I can only wonder. But for now, I am reveling in this year. Right now. Cherishing the people who are in my life, for they may be gone tomorrow. Relishing every sunset and sunrise, and everything that makes my mind expand in wonder. These years are the years of dreaming, of planning, wishing and hoping. Tomorrow, it will be the time of doing.

Sweet sixteen, I think I like you. Lets be friends, yes?



  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Mikailah!!

    P.S. I sent you an email this morning also wishing you a happpy birthday. =)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! <3

    Melody @ makingmelodinmyheart.blogspot.com

  3. Happy birthday Miss Mikailah! My 16th was one of my favorite birthdays, and I hope that you have a lovely day! Birthday blessings <3

    xoxo Miss ALK

  4. Yes... just yes. Awesome post. And happy birthday!!



    I am so happy for you-- and I hope that this sweet sixteenth of a year is one of your best.

  6. Happy Sweet Sixteen, Mikailah!

    Nearing the end of my sixteenth year, I can say that I have truly enjoyed this year of my life despite the difficulties and trials that I've experienced throughout the year and learnt and matured from. The Lord has been faithful and I know He will be with you too in this new year of your life. Have a lovely day!

    Blessings in Christ.

  7. Happy 16th Birthday, Mikailah! Hope your new year will be full of blessings and growth in our Lord Jesus Christ. :)

  8. I was just thinking about you last night! Are you home yet? Happy 16th Birthday!
    I will be celebrating my 16th in March, and i'm excited and scared all at once! Everything's happening so fast! Congrats on turning 16.... hopefully we'll get to talk soon :)

    Much Love,
    Emily <3 <3

  9. happy birthday sweet girl! Hope it's beautiful and amazing! <3

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Touching post btw!
    I pray that God will bless you extravagantly this year!

  11. Happy Birthday (a bit late)! :)
    I hope you have a fantastic year!

  12. Awww! Happy Birthday, Mikailah!!

  13. Thank you all for your sweet comments!! :) They made my day{s}. :)

  14. Sweet sixteen... I never really knew what it meant. I didn't look forward to it with eager anticipation... and never even really heard about "sweet sixteen" until I was nearly 20. :) That's how living in a different world can develop a person so differently...
    I'm glad I passed mine by. :)
    But I'm glad you didn't. :)
    I'm glad you had a good day Mikailah and cherished it for the special day it should've been... all the same, as you shared, we all have a long ways to go. 16 seems so long ago to me now. So so sooooo many things have changed.
    Love you sister, and I'm praying for you. Sorry I missed your birthday!! :(
    Love Carra


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