what makes life beautiful, v.3

Before I received my new camera, I never really realized how much I rely on photography to convey my emotion. I've also noticed that my photography tends to be rather abstract at times--choosing different angles and subjects to photograph than most people would. They say, your sense of photography tells the observer something about the photographer. And I am beginning to look at my pictures in a new way; how someone else might observe them, and see if I can read my own character--hidden information or styles--in my photography, and in the pictures I've taken. I have come to a rather small conclusion about my photography, and in that, myself.

I am abstract. I am complicated. I look for the best in people, circumstances and surroundings, but see all the faults as well. I tend to look at the center of attention, and I don't really see the whole picture--the beauty, the faults, the flaws, and the promise. I rely on the screen of the camera to tell me if the picture is any good, instead of carefully considering and contemplating before I "click" the shutter. We are full of flaws, just like our pictures. Everyone is. Sometimes we look at a person and only see flaws. But there is a bigger picture--a bit of scenery just over the weedy hill--a beautiful butterfly landing on a clump of weeds--something that holds promise and potential in everyone, and every situation. Even in difficult situations, there IS something good that will come out of it. This is a beautiful life we life, y'all. Sometimes we just have to look past the grime; the dirt; the weeds; the outward appearances and gruff manners that hide a wounded heart to see the beauty that everything holds. 

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. --Romans 8:28 NIV

late nights with cousins || laughing until your throat hurts || acres and acres of knee deep lush grass || riding horses double with above said cousin || "golf" early in the morning with Dad || dewy nights and early frosty mornings || leaves the colors of fire falling on the wet earth || hearing rain in the middle of the night || family, friends, and acquaintances || 1,000 pictures on my camera || rainy nights and warm comforters || hot cocoa and marshmallows || that moment when you and a friend are thinking the exact same thing || quiet evenings with family 

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  1. What a beautiful post, Miss! And the pictues are amazing. I love you. M~

  2. This is absoloutly beautiful. One of my favorite posts ever. :) Keep inspiring people! <3

  3. Lovely post, Mikailah!! And you're right about looking underneath the dirt and find the beautiful things about people (or life, etc.). Lol, just a couple days ago, I was eating a banana, and the peel was covered in a bunch of brown spots which could rather take away your appetite, and yet the banana part underneath tasted fine. I guess it works even with bananas. X) Although I do believe people should try to get rid of the grime and dirt in their lives to make the beautiful part even more beautiful...anyways, I really enjoyed this post! :)

  4. So gorgeous! I'm so glad you have your camera now Mikailah exciting!

  5. this is a wonderful post! love :)

  6. What a great mindset to have, especially while doing something you love. Love this post!

  7. WOW! Great post, I love how you tell it like it is! Thanks Mikailah!

  8. Oh such Fun!!!
    I love Photography!

    I awarded you over @ my Blog..(http://ourfinedays.blogspot.com/)



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