we had a fire and baked turkey

Today, it is cloudy--with the light grey clouds so slightly hiding the sun that once in a while it will pop through for an instant, and perhaps stay a moment or two and then with a last beam thrown out like a friendly arm, disappear once more behind the curtain of clouds. It is blustery; another sign that fall is here. Inside, the house is cozy; we had our first fire in the wood-stove today, and the house smells of the sharp scent of candles, the warm and so fall-ish smell of turkey, the sweet smell of bacon, apples sending their juicy-oh-so-sticky scent in the air when crunched, the tangy sweet juices released into the air from warming cranberry sauce, and the decidedly sweet, crumbly smell of cornbread baking in the oven.

Yes, turkey. In my mind {and I guess all my family's minds...} turkey isn't just for Thanksgiving. It is just a fall food--naturally. We never eat it during the spring and summer, but once October announces it's presence, we break out the candles, sweaters, boots and turkey. Some fall seasons' we eat 2-3 turkeys, depending if the house is bursting at it's seams with laughter and muddy boots--which means the nieces and nephews are visiting--or if it is just me, my 2 sisters and Mom and Dad the turkey ration is larger, and the turkeys are cooked less often.

Fall is here, but my mind and my heart won't believe it. Even though the leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping and my {always} bare toes are getting chilly, I still think it is summer--just a little unwilling to let go of the past season, and embrace the next, mostly because as I grow up, I realize that no two seasons will be like each other. Next Summer won't be like this one was; so while we're hesitating between the transition of Summer to Fall, I'm busily storing away this year's memories in my heart, journal and camera, so when the time comes that 2012 is no more--and it won't be long!-- I won't feel like I've lost it. Because it will all be in my heart, forever.

much love,


  1. the wheel borough picture- YES! so pretty.

  2. OOooh yum. I'm jealous. We only have turkey at thanksgiving time, but boy is it delicious and my favorite. :)

  3. What a beautiful way to end a post like this, Mikailah. Time seems to be going by faster and faster, and I want to take every opportunity that I have left before it's too late. The food sounds delicious btw. ;) Gotta love turkey!

  4. Amazing post Mikailah. :)


  5. your words are beautiful girl! that last paragraph--amazing. and your pictures are super too. :)

  6. I know what you mean... I am stubbornly refusing to let go (well, forget that it's still not) summer 2012. I don't know what it was about that summer... but I feel like she and I got to be close friends without even knowing it.

    Ewww... turkey... *smiles* I'm not a meat person, I'm afraid. But fires are awesome. And you are too.

  7. Oh I love the light picture!
    It's crisp and clear, sparkles...'
    So far most of mine have turned out kinda blurry, but Christmas'll soon be here and I'll try again.
    P.s. Cast iron skillets are great aren't they?



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