we saw the colors of fall

We packed up our cooler and picnic basket containing egg salad, veggies, and pretzels. We packed up arm-loads of sweaters, and a few blankets. We gathered wood and paper {and had to turn around to get matches} and loaded them into our old motor-home. We loaded the dog-kennel--which included having to take it apart to load it through the door--and the guitar and banjo. We piled in and rattled up to the mountain. The weather was beautiful--crisp, clear and colorful as we prepared our picnic lunch, and then set out on a long walk. It was quite an adventure.

Walking through dense woods and along a small dirt road; even in large meadows. We snapped pictures non-stop, even though we only live 20 minutes away. Charlotte, Grace and I took turns walking the dog, and I'm convinced we all did at least one {rather awkward}360* turn for no obvious reason, except that we had a dog leash wrapped around our legs. We sat around the fire and sang songs--just for fun--like "Oh Susanna" and "When The Saints Go Marching In" and laughed as we made up verses. When we began to loose feeling in our fingers from the cold, we packed up and headed back just as the sunset was fading.

It was a perfect day; I never realized how colorful Fall is. Not just orange, and yellow and red. But rich pinks of sunsets, and gold of the grass, and white of the aspen trees. And the silver of merry laughter ringing out in the air, and the rich, warm tones of the guitar. All of it adds up to one glorious harmony called Autumn.

What have you been doing lately, dear readers?

Much love,


  1. MIKAILAH. these pictures are amazing, and your words so gorgeous. love this. <3

  2. Beautiful, Mikailah! :) So inspiring and intriguing, and it sounds like you all had a lovely time together.

    Thanks for showing us your pics!

  3. Oh my gosh, i love this. It totally gives off the country vibe. I'm quite envious. I love banjos and the song Oh Susanna and campfires and ahhh! Amazing.

  4. Ok. this is so beautiful!!! This is probably my most favorite post of yours ever! Your words are so beautiful and blend together into something so special and full of memories to hold close. Love this!

    Blessings, friend! Thanks so much for the comment you left on my most recent post and for your super kind words. :)


  5. Mikailah, these are absolutely beautiful!! Love the nature shots. Btw, thank for the comment on my blog, because yes, I do read them! :)

    <3 Dakota Nicole

  6. these are exquisite, mikailah. loving your dog--what a beauty! what's his name?

  7. Oh girl... I love this. I love what you take pictures of- I can almost see you gravitating to your object, crouching and then snapping. I have missed reading your blog-- um, life is so complicating and actually sitting down to read my fav. blogs seems almost like a thing of the past. Thanks soooo much for your post :-)


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