a walk in the woods || portraits

These people are my sister, brother-in-law and simply adorable nieces. They came up to visit a while ago, and we happened to take a walk in the woods, where I happened to take about 200 pictures of them. Hannah and David have been married for 4 years, and have 2 adorable little girls--Anayah {age 3) and Sydney {she'll be 1 in a week.}. These 4 are some of my favorite people in the whole world. David is 6'4"--a foot taller than Hannah--and could definitely pass as a basket-ball star. In fact he is a fabulous skier, could-be pro surfer, amazing musician and over all a great guy. Hannah is very petite, extremely profound and wise, funny {you don't even want to know how many times we've laughed for an hour straight--about nothing}, and absolutely g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. I love these folks to pieces, and love how these pictures portray their little family and love for each other. :)

Enjoy! xx

P.S. The winner of the Gift Certificate to "Jessica's Jewels" is Nela, and the winner of the necklace from The Blooming Thread {kindly sponsored by Ryan} is Jessica! Congrats, girls! You'll be hearing from me shortly! :) 


  1. these are beautiful and spontaneous and fun. =)

  2. LOVELY pictures, Mikailah! I especially like the lighting and color of the first few of your sister and brother-in-law.



  3. those photos are lovely!


  4. love these pictures so much! what a cute couple... and those kiddos! golly. ;)

  5. How sweet... what a dear family! ;)


  6. That baby is soooo cute! Sydney's cheeks are to die for. And I have a hunch that her aunt kissed them a lot the week she stayed with her :)

  7. Ah, done the same thing...taken 200 hundred pictures and hardly noticed. =D
    The lighting is very pretty, I 'specially like the 5th one, and the 7th is great!
    Oh, but they're all so good, the colors/shadows/lighting!
    The 5th from the bottom is sooo adorable! And the 2cnd to last is very majestic.
    Splendid job. =)


  8. Wow, Mikailah! Those are amazing. You captured each moment so beautifully.
    Have you considered creating your own photography business? If not, you should. :)

  9. this whole photo shoot is simply darling, dear! ;)


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