as of late, v.1

Seeing: the last golden-brown leaves blowing off the trees, new concrete just poured, green mint still growing in the garden, a happy doggy face, the camera screen--constantly, and birds outside the window.

Hearing: No Need To Say Goodbye, our old Ford truck rumbling outside, wind whistling through dead grass, footsteps, Mom singing with the accompaniment of the guitar, and the gentle hum of voices of those I love intermingled with a cat purring.

Smelling: hand lotion, popcorn blowing into a bowl and butter melting, the tangy smell of orange juice, the wild fresh smell of the great outdoors, the familiar smell of the usual laundry detergent, and apples with cinnamon.

Tasting: before said orange juice, dirt in my mouth from the blowing wind, the crunchy taste of apples,  wind with the chilly accent of fall/winter transitions, mint Trident gum, and coconut banana lip balm.

Feeling: a wee bit sad as Fall {my favorite season} comes closer and closer to an adieu for another year, but so excited about winter, skiing, homemade Starbucks lattes, and all the new experiences and reasons to smile.

As of late, I've been taking pictures like crazy, playing piano like my life depends on it, pinning away, canning apple pie filling, apple butter, & blackberry jam, drying apples, laughing and crying, dreaming of "someday", wishing, watching the stars, seeing the sun rise and set, watching new movies, listening to Christmas music, hearing new songs and writing some of my own, trying new recipes, reading new books & many old books, and just living. If you asked me what I've been doing lately, I'd probably say 'nothing', but my days are full--from the time I get up until I go to bed, I'm busy living. So life must be full of these sweet nothings.

What have you been doing lately, friends?

Much love,

ps--giveaway winners announced soon, so keep your eyes peeled! ;)


  1. love this. so beautiful. you have such a way with words. :)

  2. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Your writing has really progressed throughout this year.
    You're writing your own songs? That's awesome. My sisters and I want to write songs together.

    I'm getting excited for winter too! :)))



  3. must... restrain... from listening... to christmas music... until December. << i'm dying without it.

    xo. rachel

    ps. i now blog a a new bloggy: ramblesofrachelkei.blogspot.com

  4. It is so funny when people ask me what I have been doing lately, and my mind thinks "Nothing", but the days fall by so sweetly and full of everyday's simple joys! You just can't explain it. Those small puzzle pieces that fit into place that make a beautiful day!

    Delighting in the simple joys with you! *hugs*


  5. Ah yes, seeing the camera screen, me too! =D
    Playing piano like my life depends on it -there too, and writing songs? Do you write songs with words? On the piano? I write melodic songs on the piano all the time but I can never think up words to go with them... =/ guitar is a little different so I haven't done much there...
    Busy, from the time I get up till I go to bed -definitly! Didn't even have time for blogging.

    ~Jenny =)

  6. Wow sounds so awesome! "If you asked me what I've been doing lately, I'd probably say 'nothing', but my days are full--from the time I get up until I go to bed, I'm busy living." Exactly what I'd say! :)


  7. SO it's official. Your blog is one of my new favourites.

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. xo

    p.s. "wind with the chilly accent of fall/winter transitions..." *chills*

  8. Oh my goodness! I love these pictures! That third one is so lovely, to me especially, because I live in a house that would have a bowls of apples and bananas... we are health nuts. :) You make my day, lovely.

  9. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy doing more stuff together soon! I have just been doing school, and then when that was done... doing nothing but setting on my bed and looking out the window... it is strange when, after school is done, you think that there is nothing else in the world to do... but there is... and I hope I find some of it soon!

  10. Sounds like your "nothing" is keeping you pretty busy!! Beautiful pictures and words!

  11. Your life sounds really interesting! You are SO lucky that you play the piano. I play the violin and only the violin. I really want to learn piano and from an early age I have always been wishing dearly to be able to play...the only song I know is Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars and I'm not sure if that counts...:)

    Your pictures? Gorgeous.
    Did you mention apple butter? That stuff is awesome.


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