laughter--just because

We laugh so much in our lives. at simple things that might strike us as funny--things that other people would probably stare at us dumbly while we laugh about them. a cat laying in the middle of a card game, someone's funny expression or a random thought that comes upon the funny bone in our brain. laughter. i personally love laughter. i laugh so much about simple things, that it is quite hilarious. {again, funny.} my older sister says that i am the only one she can laugh about nothing with. i don't just laugh when something is funny. 

sometimes i laugh, just because. laughing is good for the heart, the soul, the mind--it is a proven fact that just smiling makes you happy. i fully understand the graveness and seriousness of life--although i do try not to dwell on it too much; i know God is in control--but i love laughter. i'm a optimist; glass half-full, livin', lovin' maniac. and i love laughter. God put it in us: a love for life, and a joy, so why hold it in? lately, i've been smiling and laughing quite a lot. oh, you know. just because. 

ps--that gorgeous lady is my sister, Hannah. isn't she beautiful?


  1. AMAZING post Mikailah, incredible.

  2. I LOVE to laugh. Lately, I've noticed how sometimes I hold in my smiles or laughs, but why should I? Life is short, why not let out more joy. :)) laughing is so good for the soul and the heart. Yes, let's laugh more.



    P.S yes, your sister is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!

  3. Oh MY!
    I love to hear the two of you together. It warms my heart.. And it is so important to keep things in perspective. And the Bible says..A merry heart does good like a medicine.. SOO..don't forget to take your medicine!

    Love you.


  4. Great pictures, beautifully said, and I love laughter as well! =)

    I'm having a Thanksgiving photo challenge if you are interested- http://www.alifeworthliving-katherine.blogspot.com/2012/11/thanksgiving-photo-challenge.html

  5. love this, so much! you write so well--with such feeling, and talent--and gorgeous pictures.

  6. okay, this is really weird, but your sister looks really familiar!! haha
    Lovely post, hun.


  7. thanks, y'all! ♥ your comments always make my day. :)

  8. Your sister is so beautiful! And this post is just as lovely. Aren't siblings amazing, especially when it comes to laughter at nothing? =)

  9. I love your posts Mikailah dear :)Sisters are the best and laughing is my favorite.

  10. Aww!!! She's beautiful! <3 I love laughing too!


  11. Me too! I have gotten a few weird looks because they can't see why I'm laughing...we were watching Last Ounce of Courage with some friends and I kept laughing in all the "wrong" spots. =D
    It's rather funny!
    Good post. =)


  12. Isn't being able to laugh (and hear others laugh) a beautiful gift! I think it's amazing how everyone I know has a unique, one-of-a-kind laugh. One of my sisters is a silent laugher. She shakes with and her mouth is shaped into a huge smile, but you can't really hear her laugh. I'm a continuous laugher. Once I start, I can't stop. And, I'll keep thinking about whatever made me laugh throughout the day and burst into giggles. It's so embarrassing! :)


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