this is today

We dream about the future, we imagine how life will be--where we will be--in 5 years; 10 years. We fantasize, and romanticize the future, and the past; only seeing the enjoyable or beautiful things about it, but once we get there {the future, that is; going back in time would require some seriously skill--let me know if you acquire it, okay?}, we find out it isn't all a box of chocolate. No matter where we go, what century we live in, who we are with, or how many times we leave home chasing rainbows, the reality of life always catches up.

There are hardships; there are trials; there are terrible and sad things that happen, no matter where we go. We can dream about the future, and imagine the past, but let's be happy and contented where we are. Right now. Whatever we're doing, whoever we're with, whether the sun is shining, or clouds hang over the land like a heavy veil. We'll only live once, and if we always wish to be somewhere we're not, with people we never see, in places we've longed to go, we'll never truly live. I'm still dreaming about the future, thinking fondly about the past, but living in the now.

This is today, and I'm going to truly be here. With my family, and friends. In our big house in the mountains of Arizona, snapping pictures, singing songs, making kettle korn, and laughing over the simplest things. This is my life, right now, and I'm going to be happy and content to be where God put me.


  1. love these pictures, and your words are so beautiful. you are such a wise young lady. :)

  2. I'll 'fess'... I was so busy oohing and ahhing over your ADORABLE new design I was tripping all over your wonderfully wise words. You, dear, are incredibly wise. I am so glad that you are writing this- it blesses so many, you know?

    1. aw, thank you, Gabby. <3 :) you always bless me with your comments. and i'm glad you like the design! ;)

  3. This is beautiful, Mikailah. So honest, inspiring, and very true.

    Thank-you for the special reminder! I really appreciate it. :)

  4. I love your word choice. I couldn't stop reading it.
    Those pictures are magnificent.

  5. I love these pictures. And this is so convicting and beautiful and hit my heart. We need to be content now, find the beauty in now, and live now, not for us-- but for the glory of our Redeemer. xo

  6. "Take no thought for the morrow; for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

    This post is so true, Mikailah. So often I find myself unhappy and discontent. I want things to change, to move on, to get bigger, or to go away....
    But that's not how the Lord Jesus wants us to live.
    "Take no thought."

    He wants us to live today for today. Tomorrow He has, and yesterday is in His Hands.

    "But seek ye first the kingdom of God."

    Thank you for this post, Mikailah, it has blessed me today!

    In Him;

  7. Sweet Mikailah... your words were exactly what my thoughts have been pondering recently. Sometimes I begin to be so eager and excited for the future, that I end up dreaming half the day away.. and then I will look upon the past and see only the sunshine and happy days, yet fail to remember those days of pain and sorrow. I end up discontent and not embracing the joy of today. Your reminder is such a blessing, encouraging me to be content with today, with everything that the Lord has put into my life right now. To embrace His plan for my life, and celebrate the gift of today. Thank you, dear friend. ;)

    Blessings and hugs,

  8. Wow Mikailah... this was an amazing post. Your posts are always so wonderfully written, I love them. <3



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