what makes life beautiful, v.4

our sweet dog, Liberty--always || baked apples in the early morning || did I mention baked apples? || leafless branches that speak of the coming of winter || once again, Brutus, the cat || new concrete just poured || early morning light streaming through checkered curtains || Liberty pulling all the stuffing out of her bear {for the 4th time in an hour. yeah.} || my beautiful Mummy || leaves hanging on to branches with a last desperate cling || "Trixy Lou Brown"--the neighbor's dog || finding out I have a Texas accent || everyday simple beauties || the feel of fuzzy socks on cold toes || clean sheets || mint tea || cases of apples || accidental "M"s in mustard on my sandwich


These past few weeks have been filled with so many things... so many things that make me smile, or sit remembering in the setting sun. We canned 30 jars of blackberry jam, dried more than 25 apples in our dehydrator {very few, of which actually made it to the bag}, made crock-pot apple sauce, took warm fallish walks, took pictures {duh} and laughed a whole bunch. I love fall... it's no secret, I suppose, but how did we get to the beginning of November already? I can't believe it. Every year we do this. Fall starts, we enjoy, we life, we bake and can, and then before we are ready, Fall goes out the window, and winter is ushered in. So, I'm off to enjoy this beautiful fall day with apples, books, and a nice walk. {And a bit 'o Spanish and Math in there too.}

What are you up to, friends?

xo, Mikailah

ps--Started a photography blog today. :) Check it out, and, maybe, give it a follow, pretty please? ;)


  1. this is SO gorgeous. love the pictures, and the words.

  2. These fall days have gone by so... quickly! It must be because we're getting older... hehe :)You are wonderful in capturing the things that add beauty to your life, dear friend. I smile along with you. ;)

    Your sister in Christ,

  3. This sounds amazing. I'm so jealous. Those all look yummy and pretty:)

  4. I LOVE baked-apples!! :D These are beautiful photos, Mikailah! And yes, it's hard to believe it's November already. :O

  5. Oh I love your pictures and new design, dearie! Everything looks so clean and sharp!
    Heehee, can I try one of your baked apples? They look scrumptious! And a Texan accent ain't a bad thing, honey! I've Texan slash Cajun slash country since I was a baby ;-)

  6. Your photography is beautiful!! And those baked apples looks so so good...now I need to make some! Lovely post. (:

  7. Oh, I LOVE the first picuture, it's so realistic!
    My dog would lick the rain off the deck, of the overturned chairs...so goofy.
    Great job! You inspire me. =)


  8. Lovely post, Mikailah! Your words and photos gave me a smile this afternoon. ;)

  9. Beautiful photos Mikailah!! You do such a great job!

    I'm hosting a gift exchange if you would like to join!


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