a pine tree

Tradition is something very special in our family. Each year, we do things that we've done for years in the past--things I've always done, but my oldest sisters and brother might remember the beginning of these special occasions. On the night we decorate our tree, we make bratwurst stew, plug in all our Christmas lights, and after dinner sit down and make a paper chain to adorn the tree. Once the paper-chain is prepared and placed on the tree, we start getting out ornaments. Old ones, new ones, hand-made ones, and ornaments we have picked up in our travels.

Our trees never have the "store-bought", fancy look to them. We have antique ornaments that have been passed down for generations, pieces of popcorn on hooks, and even an orange rind that has been on our trees in the past, for years. It isn't just the novelty of having a live tree in our home, and decorating it, but the precious time spent with family, celebrating the season of Christ's birth, and enjoying being alive.

Happy Tuesday friends! xo, mikailah


  1. beautiful pictures, I looveee the decoration of your tree! :) and thanks for following my blog! have a wonderful day! xoxo

  2. These photos are amazing and your words just left me with one word, breathtaking.


  3. Your tree is just gorgeous Mikailah! It sounds like you had a lot of fun getting one! :)


  4. Mikailah... your posts always make me smile. *always* Your photos allowed me to join you in trudging through that snow... {Oh, I am snow jealous! hehe } and to get a glimpse of those special traditions that make Christmas so peaceful. I too look at our tree and marvel at all the memories hanging on it... ours is definitely not a tree you'd find in display somewhere. But it's our tree... and every homemade craft, gifted ornament, or little trinket is a piece of us. I can imagine how special your tree is too you as well!

    Christmas Blessings dear friend!

  5. Chrismas chains! Oh, how I love them. :)

  6. I love your pictures! So so beautiful :) your traditions sound really fun too.

  7. I am trying to find your mom's blog. :( I can't remember the name of it. This is Aunt Jennifer. :)

  8. Nevermind. :) I found it on your friend list. :) Love you guys!!!

  9. So pretty! I love family traditions as well. Where ever you live.....it is amazing!

  10. Fun, fun! We had to hunt and hunt for our tree too... but we finally found a good one!
    Thanks for reminding us what Christmas is about Jesus, Family, and Friends.

  11. how lovely!!! I've always dreamed of doing this. you captured your sweet family tradition so beautifully, dear.

    much love,
    >>---> joyfully tending her garden @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com


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