the beauty of winter

Winter and I go back a long ways. Sixteen years, to be exact. I've always been extremely fond of winter, although I'm not exactly sure why. It is cold--bitterly so, these past few years--dull, and dark. People press their noses up against window panes, seeing the mist gather on the cool glass as they long for the warmth of summer, breezes that smell of flowers and dirt, and the sun beating down overhead. But it is not so with me. The thought of chilly days, wood smoke in the air, fire crackling in the stove, large sweaters, books read by gas heaters, and mugs of chai tea has always appealed to me, and once the days turn cold, I don slippers, turtle-necks, huge knit sweaters, sling my camera around my neck and settle down to crocheting, answering letters from dear friends, reading and perfecting my "Manual" photography skills.

Everyone has different seasons of life. Over, over, and over. When all is going well, it is Spring. As the days start to speed up and get a little more hectic and stressed, the Summer of our lives makes an appearance. Fall brings a slightly less busy schedule, and the calm before the storms of Winter. Perhaps it doesn't repeat itself in that pattern, but everyone--at every time in their lives, is at a different season. 

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. --Ecclesiastes 3:1 KJV

I don't know what season I'm at, exactly. I think mostly just at the season of contentment and simply living. Enjoying the snow, enjoying the sunshine. Making the most of the everyday little things that in simple ways impact us, and bring special memories. 


I'm very fond of you, Winter. You bring cold that nips my nose, cups of hot-chocolate, the urge to sing in the frosty air, windows kissed with frost, laughter and the season of giving. Today is the first day of "official" winter, and I must say, I'm glad. I hope you are here to stay awhile. 

Happy First Day of Winter, friends!


p.s. So, today, the world ends. It has been a pleasure knowing y'all. Okay. Got that off my mind.
p.s.s. Make yourselves a cup of hot cocoa. It'll be the last ever! ;)


  1. Its finally feeling like winter here in Tennessee. I was getting pretty depressed waking up to 63 degrees every morning!

    This is one of the last comments I'll be able to make,so sorry but with the world ending who has time to think about commenting? (ha,ha)


  2. Love the post, I like winter... as long as there's snow! Love the new profile pic BTW. Happy World Ends day! lol But no seriously, have a great day!

    1. hahaha, yeah, right?! snow just kinda goes with winter. ;) and the same to you, too! Happy World Ends day! ;)

      you too, Kelli! see you soon, hopefully. :]


  3. When I saw your post in my reading list on my dashboard, I thought the cat was a tan sled dog.

    You're pictures are utterly amazing.

    I really like how you describe everything, Mikailah.

    Remember that you are loved. Always.

  4. Adore those pictures of your cat... and I'm now even a kitty person. =) I think I'll go run and make myself a cup of tea now. Merry Christmas, dear Mikailah!

  5. Your posts Mikailah... they're amazing. It was actually really cold in TX today... haha! :D


  6. this is so beautiful, Mikailah! i love your new design, and your words and pictures just keep getting better. i can't wait to see where your talents take you.


    [no, i'm not a stalker... hehe. don't worry. ;)]

    1. hey Ali!
      Thank you for your kind words... :) And for reassuring me you're not a stalker--I was beginning to wonder. ;)

      xo, mikailah

  7. "What profit has a man from all his labor in which he toils under the sun? One generation passes away, and another generation comes; But the earth abides forever." -Ecclesiastes 1: 3-4

    Right back at ya! I love this post, dearie. I love the peace you write in- it is so pleasant to hear.

  8. This is just lovely, m'dear!


  9. Oh, I want your cat again! Though, I should be grateful, because we saw my grandparents over Christmas and they have four! =D
    Letters are so much fun to write, I cannot believe the rest of the world turns their nose up at them as "old fashioned"! Oh well, at least some of us still keep the art of letter writing up. =)
    Lovely pictures again, <3 and the Bible verse was very fitting.
    You have the urge to sing in frosty air? I thought it was only me!



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