days of sunshine, days of rain

Days of sunshine, days of rain. Weather in Arizona is always strange. There is never any ordained days that are--or should be--sunny, or snowy. The weather does as it pleases, as I suppose it does every other place as well, but it is more unpredictable than ever this year. Only a week-and-a-half ago we had below zero weather, cold toes and thick fluffy blankets, and this week we have had moist air, warm 60* days and rain. It almost feels like I've moved back East these past few days, with the cool weather, over-cast, misty skies and rain soaked ground. 

Although I've always preferred snow, I am thankful for any kind of moisture. It's been a whirl-wind of activity around here; my mom and I have been rearranging our music room, going through hundreds of old (and well loved) books, and re-organizing. There are boxes of books set out of the way that are to be given away to my sister, to use for her 5 children. Although I am sorry to see those bits of my childhood and memories of hours spent in cozy corners reading leave the house, I'm glad they'll still be in the family. 

Strange how books just become part of us, isn't it? Besides that, it's been pretty quiet. I've drank more cups of mint tea than I can count, spent hours reading and writing in my journal, written poems, made bread (there is nothing as good as homemade bread with jam), and developed calluses on my finger-tips from hours spent playing guitar.

Whether sunny or rainy, there are always things to be done--books to explore, music to play, photography to improve and life to live. I'm very fond of these quiet and yet resplendent winter days.



  1. The shadows/framing of those first few photos... gah. My heart skipped a beat.

    (pea-ess: sorry to be so absent lately. I've missed this place. =)

  2. I love this. Simply beautiful, Mikailiah. (btw, I am in wuv with your new header!)


  3. Love your pictures.... Books and movies are so much a part of our lives. maybe that's why i've been wanting to watch winnie the pooh. haha
    I wish it would warm up here in Maine. but at the same time i'm loving having the skating rink. It's going to be in danger though cause it's supposed to be in the 40's here next week for a day or two.
    Always love seeing your posts, getting your letters and emails, and getting your sweet blog comments!

  4. A beautifully written post! :) And those pictures are wonderful. I want a piece of that bread...


  5. I loved this post Mikailah! :)

  6. this is gorgeous. so gorgeous. :) your blog is such a joy to read.


    1. PS. loving your new design, btw!

  7. Oooh! Those lovely shadows! So glad you shared 'em with us. <3
    Mmm, I know that feeling; it's winter but moist air rolls in and saturates all the colors outside. I can practically smell the air down in dry kansas! (Though we got some wetness ourselves this morn.)
    Aww! Those last two pictures make me want to re-callaus my finertips...I haven't been playing as often as I might these past weeks...=/


  8. North Carolina's weather has been quite unpredictable as of late as well! A few days ago it was in the 20s with freezing rain... but this coming Tuesdays it's supposed to hit 70?! God and His weather patterns always surprise. :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  9. I love these pictures- especially the second one! Boxes of books? My word, that sounds like my family... We barely decorate our house because there is shelves of books everywhere *grins* It is so hard to get rid of (or give away) books. Ach.

    Thanks, dearie, for all of your darling comments! You are so sweet.

  10. Your pictures are so beautiful! They are so inspiring, and i hope i can get this good!:)

  11. Catching up on your posts. Wonderful pics and thoughts. Always inspiring, thought provoking, encouraging. Love You!!!

  12. ahhh.. I become so attached to my books, I literally freak out if my sister takes my books out of my room, because for one, she is notorious for ruining books, and I'm scared that somehow they will be lost forever. haha. and rain is the best! Your blog is absolutely lovely! I have been kinda absent from the blogging world for the last couple of months and so I lost track of a lot of blogs. :P

    p.s. also, the Christmas pictures of your sister and her family, ohmylanta. They are perfect, it looks like you pulled them off of pintrest or something. you did an amazing job girl!

  13. Books are a huge part of me! I've saved all my favorite books from when I was little.


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