replaying memories

Winter is a tranquil time. The branches are bare, the wind whistles eerily through cracks in the doors, the tea-pot is on constantly and the fire cannot be hot enough. The high for today was 21*, and the low tonight is expected to be -3*. I've always been fond of the cold weather; don't know why, but I have. Perhaps it is partly nostalgia.

I remember the days when I would go outside, no matter the temperature, to play in the snow, or simply run around for the fun of it. The days of my childhood. I still brave the cold, however, to take care of the animals, take the every-other-day walks, and snap pictures. It really is too cold to stand outside and revel in the wind-broken weeds, cloudy skies, and frozen branches, but I still do. Even beneath the brown and death and cold of winter, there is a promise of sunny days, blossoming branches and the beauty of life. 

Perhaps that is why I'm fond of cold weather. It is invigorating, inspiring, and full of old memories. Winter has a way of pulling out the photos that have been stashed on the shelves, and replaying the old times in my memory. Even if I'm just sitting in front of the wood-stove drinking Bigelow's Pumpkin Spice tea, reading some poems (Pride & Prejudice much?), and every now and then looking into the deep flames that dance before my eyes, memories replay. Constantly. Smiles dance on my face as I stare into the nothing-ness. Nothing can be full of so many things sometimes.


p.s. thank you to all who commented on my last post! your kind words *literally* made my day. ;)


  1. These pictures are so so beautiful! Love them. Such a nice post ;) I went out today (It was 50° here today!) and took a walk (and some pictures!)
    love your new picture of you on here underneath the about me thing. you're so pretty :)
    It was great skyping with you on Saturday! ♥

  2. "nothing can be full of so many things sometimes." this line... mymy. this whole post, actually. :) gorgeous.


  3. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it!!! P.S. LOVE your new header!

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  4. Ahh....I love tea.....=D This whole post is lovely. Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog, you are dear!

  5. You said this so well Mikailah! The title is perfect; and that also happens to be what I've been doing quite a lot lately. Replaying memories. =)
    That little bird is so dear! You don't happen to know what kind it is? Say, a Junco perhaps?
    I really think you and Gabby are in cahoots again; both capturing steam rising from a mug...I've got to try that sometime soon! =D



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