the innocence // Sydney

 You've all seen this little person before on my blog, and I can't even say how much I love her. If you're new around here, though, this is my niece, Sydney Elyzabeth Rose. But I think she is the pretty much the cutest baby I've ever seen. Ever. And it isn't just her looks, but her attitude. Sure, she has temper tantrums, and times when she screams, (boy, does she ever), but most of the time her little voice used in adorable little "ooohhh"s and "aahhh"s. She loves everyone, smiles willingly and has the most adorable cheeky grin. She loves beds, pillows and being held, and I'm afraid she gets entirely spoiled when she comes to visit. (Her poor mother. *Ahem*)

How innocent. I can't help thinking. So willing to love, and so accepting. She doesn't care what we look like, or what our wacky habits are. Children. If only those who know so much would take the time to stop and learn from them. Their innocence, and love, and compassion. It blows my mind every time I'm around them.

Darling, don't ever be afraid to grow up. Growing up is a wonderful (though terrifying) experience. Don't ever loose your sweet disposition and willing acceptance of those around you. You are a treasure; a gem, and I'm so blessed to call you my niece. You live in a cruel world. It just is--and you'll realize this as you get older, but don't be afraid to love, or to live, and don't let the prejudice and sorrow around you change who you are. Don't grow up, sweetie. Keep your innocent and cheery outlook on life, always. Love you, darling! 



  1. Awww....what a cute, smiley young lady!

  2. This is precious! Love your photos and words. What a sweet baby girl. :) Also, I love your new design. It's gorgeous.



  3. shes is so PRITTY and CUTE and ADOWABLE and ohmygosh i just want to pinch her cheeks okay.

  4. what a pwecious wittle fing! oh my golly gosh. :) love these pictures, Mikailah. what a cutie. (also, what you said about learning from children. yes.)


  5. Your words about never growing up made me think of that Taylor Swift song about staying little and never growing up...maybe because you both used the word darling...?

  6. Oh my goodness! She is so adorable. And her name suits her so perfectly...Sydney. My baby brother loved to be held too. But he grew up and now wears spurs and cowboy hats and rolls his eyes when I kiss his cheeks that are still (like Sydney's!) adorably round.

    I wish they could stay babies forever.

  7. Ohmygoodness she is so cute! Her eyes are gorgeous! She seems like a fun baby to just sit and cuddle in your arms :)
    -mal ;)


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